Push you PUBG player profile to CONQUEROR within a week. Yes, it’s quite easy to move your PUBG Mobile rank to the conqueror. So here we share all the information related to Rank Pushing to Conqueror. 


So to push your rank to conqueror you have to play in a few modes. If you push in Solo or Squad it becomes too hard. It’s because In a solo push if your gaming character hits with a bullet from somewhere you get killed. or a headshot of Kar98 makes you quit from the polo match.

In a squad pushing to the opponent team, There is too tough competition to get into CONQUEROR. So if you don’t owe a skilled crew, Then make sure to PUSH the opponents in Duo Mode.

How To Reach PUBG Conqueror Rank

Apart from it, If your profile is under platinum then I’m sure that it takes only seven days to reach conqueror. So to make your PUBG profile or character pushing to conqueror then make sure to follow the below steps carefully so that you gain the best information out of it.

As we already know, In each tier of pubg rankings there are plethora sublevels included in it. And in the same sense, you need to collect points to complete these levels. In a single day, the servers of PUBG MOBILE allows you to gain 300 points.

Firstly, From the ranking ACE to platinum you get to battle with plethora bots in the game. SO make as many kills as you can till your profile reaches to platinum and diamond. Then the scene starts, From the diamond ranking you get fewer rewards points per kill.



NOTE: In each ranking from the ace to diamond, There are a specific amount of reward points allocated for the winners of the match. Which means that you need to make maximum kills under genuine way without camping and win more matches to gain more reward points.

Apart from the match winnings and kills, To reach conqueror ranking a plethora number of factors are taken under calculations. Few of these factors like Survival time, Number of heals and etc..

Finally, you need to keep in mind that you have to fight until the last zone to get more survival points without winning the match. As this also increases the survival ranking which helps your gaming profile to reach conqueror rank.

So this was all about “RANK PUSHING TO CONQUEROR” in pubg mobile game. Earn more points by surviving the game until the end. As it is the only way to push your pubg rank to conqueror under 7 days. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this post on your social walls too.

PUBG Mobile Rank Pushing

PUBG Mobile rank pushing to conqueror

Ace to Conqueror Pubg mobile

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