Top Five Productivity Apps for Android

Introduction: Productivity is the key for financial success. In today’s digital age, people procrastinate a lot because they tend to get more distracted by all the gadgets surrounding them and some people are naturally lazy and struggle to get things done on time. Thankfully, there are few apps that might help you in this regard and achieve success. Let’s have a look at the top five apps on the most popular mobile operating system, Android.

  1. Trello: Trello is a great app for anyone on a budget, it’s completely free and helps you stay organized at office and also, home. Most organizations use this app to get their work done on a daily basis. It has a nice collaboration feature using which you can collaborate with your colleagues in your project. It has Android wear support and it’s great if you’re into it. It also supports dropbox. Trello has what it calls boards to separate several projects and work productively.
  2. Wunderlist: This is a to-do list app. If you are someone who gets a day’s work done with the help of a to-d- list, this app is a must for you. You can not only create lists, but also set reminders, notes and deadlines to a list. This makes it incredibly helpful and functional. You can also use this app out of your work environment to buy groceries or medical pills etc. The uses are unlimited and the best thing is it’s completely free. There’s a paid version too but that’s useless unless you’re a meticulous business man.
  3. Newton Mail: Newton mail is a fantastic mail app available for Android users. It supports all the mail providers from Google to Rediff to your work mail. It also has support for Evernote, Trello and other productivity apps via Plugins. The icing on the cake is the User Interface. It’s simple to look at and use. It’s available for free but if you want to unleash its full potential, it may become quite expensive with yearly charges.
  4. Microsoft Office Apps: This is a no brainer as Microsoft is the leading provider of office apps. Word, Excel, Power point, Skype, Outlook on Mobile are stellar and are available cross-platform. Microsoft with their Mobile first attitude and Cloud initiative have been killing it recently with their features. They are must have apps for workaholics and just make your life a lot easier.
  5. Slack: This is the best collaboration app and is used mainly for business purposes. It’s akin to WhatsApp in the business world. There is support for Google Drive and most productivity apps too which is awesome. All you have to do is create a channel and have separate team collaborations going on for different projects. It’s a must-have app.

Conclusion: There you saw our top five picks for being productive and getting things done on a daily basis. Give them a shot and let us know if you happen to know any better or similar apps.