How To Increase Rank In PUBG Mobile Faster!

If you want to increase your profile rating faster in pubg mobile, Then you have to survive till the end of the game and make more kills genuinely without camping. That’s how the ranking algorithms of PUBG Mobile game works. Here in this portal, we share the easiest way to reach ACE in just 3 days.

How To Rank Up Fast In PUBG Mobile

Firstly you’we need to know a few things which are very important to get good ratings to reach ACE in less time. Below are the algorithmic ranking factors of Players Unknown Battle Grounds game.

  • Survival Time
  • Health Restored
  • Total Kills

#1 Survival Time

The survival time is the most important thing in this game. Therefore you need to avoid a popular area for landing. Simply avoid areas like School, Pochinki, Georgopol, etc..

So depending on your planes direction find a safe place to land. In my case, I land at SEVERNY most times. Once after the landing, the most important thing is to get good loot. Make sure you carry as many healing items as you can with a good amount of ammunition.

NOTE: Make sure you carry at least 5-6 medkits, 5-6 pain killer, 5-6 energy drinks with you. 

#2 Total Kills

Try to get as many kills as you can but avoid an unnecessary fight with the real players. Make sure you find a vehicle before the blue zone starts to shrink, Always try to stay close to the blue zone. Once the blue zone stops moving, Get in the blue zone and start taking damage as much as you can.

#3 Health Restored

Use Med Kits, Bandages, Pain Killers to heal yourself. In the same time, While doing it make sure to be aware of the next safe zone and time remaining for restricting safe zone.

Now repeat the same thing again before the last few circles, Take as much damage as you can. Now this will help you to increase your health restored points. Which will help you to get Total Rankings?

Once you reach in top 10 you need to keep your profile low. Let others fight and kill each other.  Use tree, rock, grass to hide in the final circle.  Always try to get in a safe zone without getting spotted by using smoke and frag to confuse your enemy.

Finally, Try to win the match or at least try to come in the top 3 in every match to score more reward points. Hope you found this post interesting. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this post on your social walls to promote us.

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