PUBG Mobile: Skip PUBG ‘Time, Age & Health’ Limits

With the latest update, PUBG mobile has been introduced with a new Health and Time limit restriction. It is said that keeping the player’s health and mind conditions in focus these new restrictions have been made. Earlier you’we used to play the game all day. Now it got a break for the gaming. 

PUBG Mobile: Skip PUBG ‘Time, Age & Health’ Limits

This restriction will be applicable to your mobile game with the next update. The health remainder, age restrictor, and time limits are bought to keep the gamers away from the game so that they can focus on their lifestyle rather than gaming all day long.

Health Remainder

PUBG MOBILE will remind you when you spend too much time in the game.

Are you below 18 years of age?

Health Remainder
SO this confirmation is already being sent to plethora players who have already updated the game. And for those players, This notifications and gaming limit might be sent after some time.

Getting into it, If you are below 18 years of age then click on yes and if you’rent then simply click on no. The question here rises for those who are below 18 years of age. For them there is offical statements released form Tencent Gaming yet. So  the under-aged gamers might still have chance to play the game.

The main thing to notice is the Health Remainder. Once the time limits of your daily gameplay’s are completed, Then you get a notice with the words written “The game has been stopped. Please come back the mentioned date”.

Under the same paths, You get logged out of the game for around 15 minutes and then can play the game for the next two hours. Again after these two hours of the gameplay, At certain period of break the game allows you to play again. But the second break time is unknown.

SO make sure to have the regular breaks in your gameplays and do focus on your physical and mental strengths.

Healthy Gaming Practices From PUBG

From the game, The “Healthy Gaming Practices” provides you a complete guide on how to maintain health while gaming on pubg game. The notice states the gamers to drink lots of water, make use of a chair while gaming and tells you to exercise and keep your body fit.

SO make sure to follow these notes from the pubg gamer. As these restrictions were made to protect the pubg game from banning in most countries. Hope you found all the information related to PUBG Mobile Restrictions. Do share your views in the comments section below and do not forget to share this post on your social walls.

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