How To Stop Playing PUBG MOBILE? Get Rid Of PUBG Addiction

If you are one of those hard gamers who spend most of their valuable time playing games. You might have no knowledge of your loss, But I’m sure that in future one day you will know the value of the time you spent on gaming. So here we share a few valuable notes and drawbacks of gaming for a long time.

How To Stop Playing PUBG Mobile

Before we get into the actual guide, let me clarify you that if you Game on mobile or on a pc for a short time, Then you have no problems to encounter with. No one forces you to stop playing games for short intervals.  If you play games more than enough time, It means that you got addicted to the game.

Here we share a few important losses which a gamer encounters upon exceeding the gaming limit.

#1 Memory Power

A plethora of games these days are shown attraction towards students from colleges and schools. These people spend most of their time in gaming on their smartphone. This makes all your brain power to get focus and react on a virtual world. As this also makes your memory power and thinking to power to low. And finally, it makes you feel discomfort while studying.

It is not that gaming more than an hour a day might affect your brain completely. This was found in the latest research that people who game addictively are prone to memory loss and concentration disorders. As this was found mostly in students from colleges and schools.

#2 Time

If you’re a student, Then am sure that you have loads of free time to work on different processes. But many of us spend most of our free time by gaming. So make sure to value time and do bother of it. Time lost cannot be recalled, One game of  PUBG MOBILE takes approximately from 30minutes to 45minutes. And in the same sense, if someones kill you in the game, You make a rematch to kill your opponent. At the end of the day, This makes you play more and more time by making you get addicted to the game.

#3 Health

Any game which you play the most on your smartphone or laptops or on any digital device strains your eyes the most. Upon continuously letting your eyes strain might reduce the power of eyes.

Finally, Our motto is to keep the technology addictions safe along with the health of consumers. So never make a game control your career and healthy life. Hope you found something interesting through this post. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this post on your social wall to promote us.

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