Top 7 Best RAM Cleaner Apps for Android 2018

Android is one of the amazing platforms which provide us with tons of amazing features. Whenever we buy a new smartphone then the first action we performed on the phone is Installing the useful app. Ever experienced lag while using apps in your device? The reason behind this is lots of app running in the background. How to overcome this issue? All you have to download any of the RAM cleaner apps from our list of  Top 7 Best RAM Cleaner Apps for Android 2018.

After a keen research about best ram cleaner apps for Android, we have come up with a full list of app. We have also provided the download link for these apps in this post. Simply scroll down the page and enjoy the smooth functioning of your phone.

There are tons of app available on the app which claims that they clean up the ram but trust me those apps are only full of annoying ads. You will find nothing useful in these kinda apps. Instead of cleaning RAM, these apps will make your device slower. We have also added Shareit Apk latest version.

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These days al flagship killers are launched with 4 GB or 6 GB RAM still if you use lots of app at the same time then you will feel a kinda lag. The reason behind this is a high usage of RAM. To run those apps smoothly you have to clear the ram and for that, you need a third party application.

In a few smartphones, There is a default app in them which is available for RAM cleaning purpose. Frankly speaking, These apps are not of any use so to free up some space in the device you need to use any other application. It is easy to buy a device but the hardest part is to manage the maintenance of the device. Also, When your RAM is not free then you will also see a battery draining. I know most of us are suffering from this issue.

Best RAM Cleaners Apps For Android

Best RAM Cleaners Apps

What are you waiting for? Just download any of the RAM cleaner apps from the below list and cleans up your RAM in few seconds. You don’t have to perform any kind of task on your own just open the app and hit the RAM CLEAN button. Boom! You will see a notification with % of RAM cleaned.

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7 Best RAM Cleaner Apps For Android in 2018

#1 Clean Master 

Clean Master is one of the most amazing apps which is used by almost all android user. This app provides us with other features like file management, RAM management etc. All you have to do is to install this amazing app on your phone and you are ready to rock. To clean up your RAM, just hit the start button and the RAM cleaning process will be started soon. This app provides you with the feature to clean up your storage also. This is one of the most widely used apps available on play store with millions of downloads. Also, Rating of this app on Play store is around 4.5 rated by more than 1,00,000+ users. Along with RAM cleaning, this app also provides you with the feature of CPU boosting which makes your device faster. This is one of the best RAM cleaners apps for Android 🙂

#2 CM Security AppLock

Here comes another awesome app in the list of Best RAM cleaners for Android. Like other RAM cleaning apps, this app also helps you to free your RAM but with better accuracy and results. Also, You will get an app lock feature with this application. Now you don’t need to install any third party application for locking your apps. Whenever you install any new app in your phone then this app will check the app and if there is any kind of viruses found then it will not allow the app for the further installation process. You will also get an Anti-theft feature with this app. In short, this is an app with tons of features. What are you waiting for? Just install the app and make your phone secure 🙂

#3 RAM Booster

Most of the time your phone starts lagging when your storage space is getting full. The sad part is that you have not installed any heavy apps or games still you are facing this issue! The reason behind this is obsolete files which are automatically stored in your device memory. To remove these files, You have to install the RAM Booster app which is one of the best RAM cleaner apps for Android Platform. If you are suffering from such type of issue then we must recommend you to download this awesome app and You are ready to rock xD.

This app also helps you in boosting your internet connection speed 🙂

#4 AVG Cleaner

Want to clean your junk files? Download the AVG RAM Cleaner app and free up your lots of space. This is really a perfect app when it comes to RAM cleaning. This app will delete all your junk files in one go and this process is automatic. You don’t need to choose individually each and every obsolete file for deleting purpose. Simply hit the start cleaning button and you are done with RAM cleaning 🙂

#5 Clean RAM Memory

This is also an app available on play store which is perfect for RAM cleaning purpose. It is very easy to use this app, also there is a detailed guide inside the app which helps you to know how to use this app properly. The major function of these apps is RAM cleaning, Storage cleaning etc. Install the app and make your phone faster.

#6 Fast Ram Cleaner

This app is also listed in the list of Top 7 Best RAM Cleaning Apps For Android just because of its amazing features. This app will clear all of your junk files and make your device faster

#7 DU Speed Booster

As per its name, this app increases the performance of your device by removing the obsolete apps and junk files. This is really an awesome app. We must recommend you to download this app and enjoy its amazing features 🙂

Final Verdict

That’s all for this post on best ram cleaning apps for android. we have added best of the best app in our list which helps you to clear your junk files. If this post helps you in any manner then please share this post with your friends and loved ones. Stay tuned with us for more amazing stuff 🙂