Top 5 Best Android File Manager 2018 (Latest)

Hey Fellas, Techienize is back again with a new post! Here in this post, we are going to share the list of Top 5 Best File Manager Apps available For Android. All our Important information are stored in Files & Folders.

File Manager or Explorer is one of the most important applications required for managing files and folders. It is very hard to remember the location of each and every file which is present in our device. So developers created tons of application for managing important documents and files. All you have to do is to download one file manager from our list of Top 5 Best File Manager App For Android. We have compiled our file manager list after a keen research. You don’t have to worry anything about these file manager as we have tested each and every app listed below.

You have to just read this post till the end and choose the best according to your choice.

Top 5 Best File Manager for Android

Best File Manager for Android

Basically, in this post, we are focussing on File Manager For Android! No worries, We will also publish write the post on Best File Manager For iOS very soon. Stay tuned with us for more latest updates. I have seen many of the sites posing article on Top 25 Best File Manager For Android, Top 10 Best File Explorer For Android etc. It is very hard to choose an app from the big list of 25 or 10 as compared to the list which contains only 5. That’s the main reason behind writing the post on Top 5 Free File Explorer For Android only.

There is a default File Manager available on each and every new Android device. But that default one is very simple and inefficient. In that file managing application, you can only perform a few limited operations like moving, deleting etc. If you are an android geek then you need a full premium file manager to keep control of all your files and folders. Recently we have also shared Xender App For Pc!

List Of Best File Managing App available for Android 

  1. ES File Explorer

  2. File Manger FX

  3. Amaze File Explorer

  4. Asus File Manager

  5. Root Explorer

Let’s discuss the specification and features of each of these apps one by one…!

#1 ES File Explorer

In the list of best free file manager app, ES file explorer is in the top of the list just because of its amazing features. This is really an awesome app for file managing purpose. In this file manager, you can store all kinds of files whether it’s a Google Drive file, Apk, Dropbox etc. User Interface of this app is very simple and efficient. Everything is perfectly arranged in this file explorer. There is a menu section on the corner of this application using which you can easily check all the folders and files name present in your mobile.

There is an extra add-on feature available in this app i.e Root File Manager. In this section of the file explorer, you can easily compress all your zip and rar extension file. If you are a blogger then you must have tons of .zip and .rar files of themes and plugins etc then you must check out this free file manager. You can also share files ( Shareit ) and folder with the help of this app.

#2 File Manager FX

Here comes the another best file explorer app’s available for Android platform. This app has somewhat the same features and specification as the above mentioned app. This app provides you with the feature of copy, paste, move, drag, drop, extract, delete etc in just one click. All you have to do is to Download the Latest File Manager FX from this post and install it on your smartphone.

There are tons of other features available in this app like you can also play music and videos using this file manager. Not only this, there is also a Text Editor available inside this app. In short, this file explorer can perform tons of functions in one go. This is not just an app for file managing, it performs functions of more than 10 apps. You will really love this File manager.!!

#3 Amaze File Explorer

As per its name, this file manager will amaze you with its amazing features. You can easily compress and decompress any types of file using this explorer. If you have tons of files, documents, folders available in your device then we must recommend you to use this amazing app. you will really love this app. One thing I like the most about this app is that this app supports both types of file sharing whether it is FTP or Remote Access. There is also a password protection option available in this app which helps you in keeping the file secure.

#4 Asus File Manager 

Heard of Asus Mobile’s and laptop? This brand is not only limited to Hardware components the only instead of that you will also find tons of Asus application in the world app market. Asus file manager is also an amazing app developed by Asus brand for the purpose of file and folder management. This app is very simple to use as everything is arranged in the perfect manner in the app. There is a dashboard option available inside this explorer which helps you to navigate all your important files and folders. What are you waiting for? Just hit the download Asus File Manager app from above download link and enjoy the simplest and efficient file manager app :).

#5 Root Explorer

This file manager is basically for those devices which are rooted. You can only use this device if you have a rooted android phone. As you all know, you can try any kind of tweaks in a rooted device. Most of the file manager has few limitation and restrictions in them but this file explporer comes with no restriction and limitation. You are free to do anything with this file managing app. This app provides you with the feature of extracting all types of files whether it is .zip or .rar. Also, There is a music player available in this app using which you can play any music file whether it is .mkv or .wap etc.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for this informative post on “ Top 5 Best File Manager App For Android in 2018 “. We have listed 5 best free file explorer for android in this post. Make sure to check them all before closing this page. If you have any doubt regarding this post then please let us know in the comment section. Our team will reply to you soon.

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