Top 10 Tips And Tricks To Speed Up Your Android Phones

Whether you are an Android user or iOS user you must need to optimize your smartphone for better performance. Almost all of us want to have a speedy phone which never hangs on running multiple application at a single time. Whenever we bought a new mobile phone it works butterly in starting i.e 5-6 months but after that it starts lagging reason may be low processor or you are running lots of application. This is really irritating when your phone hang’s up. Now you don’t need to worry about this issue as here in this post we are going to share Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Speed Up Your Android Phones. Yes ! Anyone can optimize his/her smartphone just by applying few tweaks. We have added a perfect guide on how one can speed up his/her android phones. Just go through it and apply all methods in your smartphone.

Top 10 Tips And Tricks To Speed Up Your Android Phones

Tips And Tricks To Speed Up Your Android Phones

Wanna play heavy games in your mobile phone ? But not able to play just because your phone hangs ! Hm.. This problem occurs with many of us whether we are using any processor smartphone. Almost every phone lags little bit when you try to run multiple application at one time. How to get rid of this ? Simply follow below mentioned tactics to increase the speed of your phone.

I know many of you guys are wondering that we are going to share any application in this post which would help you to speed up your phones but the truth is that we are sharing some simple methods which you have to follow, not only this we have also shared few setting tweaks in this post which cleans up your memory and provide you with the fast processing device.

#1 Delete the unused app

This is the simplest and the most efficient method to fasten your smartphone. Here is the fact : Lesser the app, Faster the phone ! First of all, make a list of all the app which you rarely used or never use, next delete those application from your Android device. By doing this, lots of your memory is cleaned up. Hence your memory is free it will lead to the fast processing of your device. If you really want to clean your phone clean, then don’t use the third party application which are not downloaded from playstore. Also many third party application which contains viruses and worms which slows down your phone processor.

#2 Update Apps

Yes ! Updating app’s also releases memory and when we have sufficient free space in phone it leads to the faster flow of app’s in our smartphone. You have noticed sometime that whenever you update any app it’s size become less and an app with less size runs smoothly in any android smartphone. So here is a short and simple tip for you i.e always update your apps to the latest version. Also, In latest version, bugs are fixed and speed of the app increased a bit. What are you waiting for ? Just go and update all your app’s from playstore and enjoy faster smoothing of program and application.

#3 Clear Cache

Have you guys ever seen the option of clear cache in any android app setting. Wait ? Do you guys know what is cache ? Basically, cache is frequently saved memory which is saved in our phone space. Whenever we open any application and close it and when we again open the app, we find the app at same state. This happens as the cache memory of that app is saved. Now the question arises How to clean the cache ? Just open your device setting, now move to the installed app option, click on the app of which you want to clear the cache. Hit the app and now you will see an option of Clear Cache, click on that ! Boom, You have succesfully cleared your app cache.

#4 Format Your SD Card Regularly

This is the most simple and regular method which you can use to speed up your Android Phone and the best part is that this is really an effective way using which you can clear most of your phone space/memory. In this method, You have to just format your SD Card i.e delete all the contents of your memory card.

#5 Fingerprint sensor

Yup ! Fingerprint sensor also plays an important role in speeding up your android phone. If this feature is available in your smartphone then you don’t have to downlaod any third party application for security purpose. Simply enable the fingerprint lock in all application and you are ready to rock.

#6 Restart or Reboot

If you ever feel any kind of lag in your phone then by performing restart operation it will be removed. I have done this many times and it work’s for me almost every time. Must try this whenever you are experiencing any hang problem while running any application or program. Hence this method also speeds up your device processor.

#7 Use Cloud Storage

Cloud is an online storage available on the web which most of the people uses for storage purposes. I have seen most of the people who stores lot of stuffs in their internal storage and when your internal storage start becoming full, it leads to the lagging issue. There is a simple solution for this ! Simply use the Cloud Storage and stores all your important data there.

#8 Puts less apps on Home Screen

By keeping less apps on home screen, you can easily improve the speed of your Android Phone. Just puts few regularly used application like Phone, Contact. Messages etc. This also consumes less space of memory and hence our phone works smoothly.

#9 Use Fast Launcher

If you really want to change your phone user interface then you can use other amazing launcher available on the palystore. We must recommend you to use Nova Launcher. This awesome is really awesome and let you to speed up your Android Phone.

#10 Don’t Update Your Phone Regularly

Regularly updating the phone software leads to the slow processing. We don’t recommend you to update your phone regularly. Only try to update the when there is some specific regular update.


That’s all for this informative post on Top 10 way to speed up your Android Phones. We have added each and every simple method using which you can speed up your android smartphone. Must read the full post ! If you have any doubt regarding this post, Must shoot your queries in comment section, our team will reply you soon. Stay tuned with us for more amazing stuffs. Hope you guys like this post, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and loved one’s.

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