Byju’s-The Learning App for JEE Preparation

As the JEE Exam is one of the toughest and most competitive exams in the country, it expects the candidates to be very well prepared and dedicated. With proper hard-work, the candidates can join any of the prestigious engineering institutes in the country.

Many of the aspirants realize that the preparation takes too long and they fail to retain everything they learn for a longer period of time. Thus, often the students face difficulty to clear the exam in their first attempt and end up taking a break to prepare for the exam next year. Thus the students lose a year from their academics to get into the prestigious institutes of their choice.

With the advancement of technology and e-learning strategies, Byju’s-The learning app was launched to revolutionize the way of learning and bring various innovative ways to make students enjoy their learning from the very basic level. The USPs for the Byju’s app for JEE mains and advance preparation and how they are helping millions of aspirants clear the exam are discussed here.

What is Byju’s the Learning App?

This app provides various video lectures in a very innovative and interesting way to engage the students to learn and explore the topics. With different experts teaching the lessons, the students can now have a teacher everywhere and learn on the go.

Why Byju’s?

The first thing one may question is “why to go for Byju’s when we have the traditional ways of learning” So, we need to realize that Byju’s is not a replacement of the traditional ways; it is a supplement to what we learn. Here some of the noteworthy reasons are given through which Byju’s is improving the way of learning.

  1. Helps to Visualize the concepts

As students, the biggest problem is understanding the depths of the topics thoroughly and implement them properly. The video lectures in Byju’s app provides “3d visualization with animations” and “In-air projections” to help the students visualize the concepts easily.

  1. Improves Memory Retention

With proper visualization, the memory retention improves significantly since our brains have a tendency to retain audio-visuals very easily. For example, we always remember every character from the movies but forget what we read from the textbooks.

  1. Engage the students with Adaptive Learning

Byju’s app has enacted the adaptive learning to personalize the learning of individual students. With adaptive learning, students can look into their weak points and learn at their own pace as the app properly analyzes their learning patterns and provide feedback accordingly.

  1. Unceasing Doubt-Clearing sessions

The students are given personal mentors to let them clear their doubts. The mentors also assist the students with additional notes to help them prepare better. The doubts can be cleared easily and the students feel like having a teacher with them throughout the day.

  1. Brain-mapped Lessons and Tests

The lessons are brain-mapped in a way that students can understand every term used in a particular lecture. The students can also take up various tests and check their competition with other students.

These aforementioned points are probably the reason that nearly a million students have joined Byju’s to learn and prepare for the JEE mains and JEE advance exams. With the everyday improvement of the lectures, more students are involving themselves and falling in love with learning.

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About the author:

With a degree in Engineering, SouvikBhattacharjee is a content writer by profession. He loves writing and blogging along with part-time teaching. He is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App.