Top 10 Best Android Racing Games

Well Nowadays everyone is purchasing android phones for only android apps, android games and many more entertaining things. So, today I will tell you the Top and Best 8 android racing games for all Racing game lovers. So firstly let me tell you that all the games we are going to tell you about is free of cost for downloading.

Let us start with the best Racing games 2016

Tiki Kart 3D

It is a Truck racing game with 3D graphics , This game is bit similar to Mario kart But this Tiki Kart have the cool options of Physics, Weapons and speed. The game is mainly looks cool because of the inbuilt unique tracks, online racing option, Cars garage, laps and many more interesting things are there in the game. So, you can easily download this game by Google play store and have fun.

Death really


This game is only launched for the action lovers, The game is full of action and surprises. This cool Death Really game is downloaded on web more than 60 million time, So you can imagine yourself that how popular this game is but the game is having one disadvantage in it, the disadvantage in this game is the requirement of the system. I will tell you the Requirements but first let me tell you all the features of this game, In this game you can fire the opponent cars, kill the driver, puncture his cars tier and many more exciting things are there in the game. Now let us talk about the requirement of the blog:

  1. Your phone should have Multi-touch option to play this game.
  2. Your phone should have Android Operating System 2.3 or above only to play and have fun this game.

The person who has developed this game is also the owner of max payne2

Road Warrior

This is the another game having shooting and firing option in it. This game is also full of entertainment. You have to do fully professional Flips and stunts to gain the gold coins and after earning coins in huge number you can easily upgrade your car, change the engine, change the colour of your car and you can also buy the add-on & build your new car of your choice very easily. This game is downloaded for 5 million times till now and if you will be able to beat the 5 million players then you will be awarded 100$.

Lane Splitter

In Lane Splitter, you have to incorporate your way through visitors at incredibly fast rates of rate. It uses the accelerometer on your phone to guide remaining and right. You can contact the cell phone’s display to wheelie and execute tricks and improve your rate. The game has seven different figures to play, each with their own exclusive capabilities and game play. It also has some insane 3D design and the surroundings that dynamically change. You can choose up silver coins to generate income, which can be used in upgrading.

GL Tron

The Tron gameplay has been well-known, since a while now. It was available for the Atari, the Commodore and now that fast, amusing activity has come to Android operating system. This app functions mainly for the appreciation for the past sensation it gives when you play it. Prominent by the film Tron, this game has a simple objective to it. You competitors against your challenger in a labyrinth and have to snare him into failing against the pathway remaining behind by your bicycle.

But be careful, the competitors gets difficult when the competitors improve. Also a number of powerups and increases give you or the challenger an advantage over the other. It’s assured to keep you on the advantage of your chair with its fast gameplay and fast graphics.

Apshalt 6

Concrete activities have had a long principal in the Search engines Perform shop for their amazing gameplay and replayability aspect. WIth Excitement, you competition the globe and experience the excitement of video arcade rushing like never before. There are 42 vehicles and motorbikes from Mercedes, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ducati and other world-class producers. You can gather them in your own 3D garage area.

Pocket Racing

Pocket Rushing is an old university, top-down 2D speed, with online scoreboards, competition submissions and downloading. There happens to be enhancing edition available as well, in case you want to try out the experiencebefore purchasing it. The en aning edition allows you try out two paths and four vehicles and that in itself is fairly fun.

The full edition allows you to competition 8 paths and generate 5 vehicles. All the vehicles have different managing, grip management and speeding stages. There happens to be personalized car as well. An exciting function that allows you to contest with each other is via the down-loadable leaderboard vehicles. Spider vehicles get downloadable to your phone and you can contend and optimize yourself against the ones on the ‘abnormal’ amounts to win against the greater placed competitors. A fun, exciting activity.

Mini motor racing

Mini motor racing performs like a remote-controlled car fight, along with modern technical to nitro-boost your google. The experience allows you to play multi-player against up to four of your friends via Wi-Fi and competition in strategy contests for big benefits. It also allows you update your abilities and vehicles to win more.

In Small Engine Rushing, you competition in completely can be upgraded vehicles, each with their own unique managing and style.  Whether it be Sports, Hatch out, Big-rig, Pick-up, School Bus or Hot Rod. You win competitions throughout the activity and you will find yourself behind the rim of the nicest trips around such as the formal Fruit Ninja buggy!

So, I hope that you have enjoyed the article.