Top 5 iPhone Games for Game lovers

Addictions can be of many types, but the latest is the craze for iPhone games! Whoever matured the idea of playing games on the phone, must be a clever and consequently rich man. The enchanting visuals of these games keep you glued to your phone and interestingly, even the least gizmo-friendly people too, shake hands with the latest smart iPhones. Among numerous games available, we list the top 5 iPhone games:

Best Top 5 iPhone Games for Game lovers in 2016


Puzzle games are your favorites? Try this game. Using a score attack approach, this game emphases on gameplay. You have to use your strategic skills to trace a patch and collect your treasures but you also have to fight monsters on your way. With 2 challenging levels, 4 difficulty levels, over 400 items items for upgradation, 77 achievements to unlock this game is polished and entertaining which makes it one of the top 5 iPhone games.


Music lovers will turn game lovers with SongPop! It is a unique quiz app where you listen to your favorite songs and challenge your friends to check out if he can beat you with your music memory. You can choose from your favorite genres as SongPop gives you 6 basic playlists. With higher levels you will be able to unlock more genres.


Roam the world with Arms Cartel Global. Choose your weapon and vehicle and get going! You can join with other players to enhance your skills and upgrade yourself in the game. With the help of interactive maps, you have to win missions travelling across the world. Build Casinos , Stadiums, Malls and lot more on your way. Rob, destroy your enemies Cartel- you win your own way!


Go fruit-maniac with Fruit Ninja. You go slicing and dicing with your katana on your LCD screen! This simple game is apparently mindless but once you play it is extremely satisfying and addictive. The effect of the fruit juices smearing on the screen is something you will surely love! But if you miss 3 strikes, your game will be over. For your instant pleasure, this game makes its place among the top 5 iPhone games.


iPhone Games 2016

Run for your life with Temple Run! Easy to navigate, all you have to do is keep running through the temple premises with your reflexes sharp to collect coins and overcome obstacles on your way. You can play as 7 different characters and that marks the unique feature of the game.

They play iPhone games as their time pass, but once you start indulging in these games, you cannot stay out of it. These games are definitely mind-relaxing but make you quite unsocial as you are hooked to your phones all day.