“Kar98k PUBG” The Knocking Machine

 Even with a full level helmed a single Kar98 headshot will knock you out or kill you if you have no remaining teammates. The pride of Kar98 is that if an opponent is standing and you manage to pinch shot off right with your cursors on top of their head you are guaranteed to knock them out unless you have a level 3 helmet. 

Kar98k User Guide For PUBG Mobile Players

So now you might be asking me that Kar98 is a beast?

I know it amazing by knocking out people down at one shot. But the fact is it’s really hard to use and very unforgiving because of the bolt-action nature. Well, there’s only one answer to this, When you’re using Kar98 you should not spot the people running. It’s better to shoot an assault at them rather than using kar98.

So the thing is that anyone is standing still for even split second it makes them vulnerable to you. If you sneak up on a group of guys and you manage to get a headshot with kar98, Let’s say they are standing still and you can immediately take out one the teammates for the fight which is extremely powerful when you’re playing squats or duos.

Kar98 The Knocking Machine

When you are using kar98, You have to look for the moments where people are going to stand still. Whether they are behind the trees taking aim or if they are shooting our teammates. Generally in this game when people fire their guns they don’t move.

Because the aim accuracy will be terrible. So this becomes the perfect time for you to pinch of that headshot. In some cases, you go ahead face-to-face and they are gonna shooting at you standing, Then make sure to be quick enough that you reticle on their face and pull the trigger first.

This is where the strength of the Kar98k really comes in. The moment how you take immediate actions of your profile fight make you to knockout them or to kill them. So whenever you aim with a kar98 make sure to put the red dot aim on the person’s head. This way I can guarantee you an awesome headshot.

In the same sense, SKS has a high rate of fire but it does not have a stopping power which I really love in the kar98k. It is such a beast by putting people down. Finally, the perfect way to use kar98 sniper is by putting the round red light on someone’s face and you know that they are standing still and you pull the trigger first.

In this way i can guarantee that immediately you pull the trigger you’re gonna get a headshot or knock the opponent down. So this is all about kar98k pubg gun. Hope you learn something new through this post. Make sure to share the details why you love kar98 while playing PUBG game in the comments section below. And also do share this post on your social wall and help this post to reach the pubg mobile gamers out there.