Top 5 LG Phones to Buy in 2018

LG is one of the oldest companies in India and it is famous for making TV, mobiles and other electronic items. If you are willing to buy trust at an affordable price then you can switch to LG. They have made lots of phone which are user-oriented and all the products had collected lots of appreciations from the customers.

If you are willing to buy a Smartphone which has all your desired features and looks then you can try LG smartphones as we have enlisted some interesting top 5 LG phones in the article below.


LG G6 has big screen in relatively small body and it seems that it will contain any more other features also. With this phone you don’t need to compromise with the looks and specifications. You can order this phone blindly.

  • It has got impressive material and construction quality.
  • It comes with 13 MP Camera with dual lenses implementation.
  • You can enjoy the features with solid battery life (3300 mAh).

LG V20

LG V20 with 3000 mAh battery.

LG V20

LG V20 goes against Google Pixel and Apple iPhone 7. It has tones of tricks up its sleeve and that’s all makes this phone one of the finest phone in the market.

  • It has a big 5.7 inches screen and 32 GB internal space.
  • It runs on 1.6 GHZ processor and can illuminate your selfies with 5 MP Camera.
  • It comes with 3000 mAh removable battery.


LG G5 is a modular and packed with flagship powerhouse. It has got a premium look and will definitely amaze you with features.

  • It allows you to unlock your device with one touch as it comes with good fingerprint sensor.
  • Its modular design gives it a stylish look.
  • You will get 16 MP Camera which works on Android 6.0.


LG G4 is built on the success of its predecessor. If you buy this phone then it will feel more like an iterative update.

  • You will get superb camera with this phone and its 5.50 inch Camera allows you to enjoy full HD movies.
  • You can store your apps and photos in this phone as it comes with 32 GB internal storage.
  • You can take this phone on a trip without charger as it has 3000 mAh battery.


This time you are getting stunning QHD screen and remarkably good design. You just have to pay Rs. 24,400 to buy this phone.

  • LG G3 comes with very snappy performance and it will amaze you with QHD screen.
  • This phone can sustain longer with decent battery life (3000mAh).
  • It is powered by 2.46 GHz quad-core processor.


LG phones are very reliable and flexible. You will get lots of amazing features at an affordable price. These phones are suitable for those people who are looking for good battery life with extremely brilliant looks. LG makes phone according to the need of customers which means that you can easily find your desired configurations in the above phones.

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