Top 5 apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

The best-selling South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, is growingly getting popular in the world of Smartphones. Its Galaxy line of android phones is becoming a rage. The most recent release of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has set a class among all the Samsung phones and others. People are seen around checking out this particular phone in about every mobile store. The slim and ultra unique look of this phone has made the crowd go completely bonkers. The variety of applications available on its Android OS is extraordinary.

Top 5 apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

Wi-Fi Display Hub

Top 5 Galaxy S3 apps

This application allows you to connect your device to your TV. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies and videos on your HDTV by just connecting your device through wireless connectivity. This app is also known as Allshare cast dongal. This is definitely an excellent feature offered by the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 C-Pen

This product is basically a stylus which works on your Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile touch screen. It products makes your operation easy. It also allows you to control your Smartphone with more precision. Galaxy S3 C-Pen will surely make your Samsung Galaxy S3 more enjoyable and easy to use as well.

Astro File Manager

Things are hard to manage on a Smartphone, therefore, Samsung galaxy s3 allows you to keep your files neatly organized so that you don’t face a hard time looking for your files and folders. It helps you do all your file work quicker. As the name suggests, Astro file manager is the best file manager for Samsung Galaxy S3.

Norton AntiVirus

Security and protection are apparently the foremost concern when dealing with gadgets and especially high end mobile phones like Samsung galaxy S3. You can easily make sure that your android device is not hit with virus and slows your system down. Norton AntiVirus protects your Smartphone against virus, theft, and malware. You do not want your important stuff saved in your phone to get corrupted. Make sure to install this amazing Norton antivirus ion your Samsung Galaxy S3. Spammers across the globe find it most fascinating to target high end Smartphones. Hence, Norton Antivirus is the best way to protect it.


Acquired by Facebook, Instagram is one of the most popular way to interact and share your entire world with just one tap of your finger on your Samsung Galaxy S3. It is much faster than many other such applications and fun. You can easily pick any of your photos from your album and upload it on Instagram. Share your every moment with clarity and let your friends and family enjoy your presence about anywhere through the amazing Samsung Smartphone.


These various applications allow you to have a much wider experience. You can never get bored on your Android Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S3. These diversified apps will keep you glued to your Galaxy S3 for hours at stretch! So don’t wait get gaming with your Galaxy S3.