Make Your Photos Picture-Perfect with the Best Photo Editing Apps

I’m a millennial and as all millennials know, having the perfect picture is essential if you want to up your social media game. I’ve been looking for a way to make my images look even better than ever, but the basic filters on Instagram and Snapchat weren’t giving me enough. I wanted to be able to really customize my pictures, and the few editing apps that I had tried here and there weren’t that great.

I was pretty much ready to give up until I came across this page of the top 10 photo editing apps on a website called AppGrooves. I was a little suspicious at first – seriously, could these really be the best apps? – but after I started trying a few of them out I knew there was no going back. They were that awesome.

Best 10 Apps for Photo Editing

I’ve enjoyed using these apps so much that I decided to compile a list of my favorite three to share with you below. In order to make the process even easier for you, I’ve listed my personal pros and cons for each of the apps in the hopes that you will be able to quickly pick the app that’s just right for you.

Airbrush – Rating: 4.8, Downloads: 10M

AirBrush really does help you look good in every photo because it has a variety of beauty tools; everything from a tool that removes blemishes and pimples to one that makes your teeth look whiter. There is also an eye enhancer and body reshaping tools so you can look as fit as you’d like. What’s really neat is that you can edit your selfies in real-time by applying different filters and beauty tools before you even take the picture.

While AirBrush does let you brighten and darken your photos at will, there is not an option for only changing a specific area of a photo. That means you can’t lighten or darken, say, a shadow, you can only make adjustments to the picture as a whole.

Pros: beauty tools like blemish remover, teeth whitener, edit selfies in real time

Cons: can only edit the picture as a whole, not specific portions of the image

Overall: As long as you want to make edits to the whole of an image, you make as many touch-ups to your physical appearance as you want

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 10M

LightX Photo Editor lets you simultaneously edit photos and create new content using tools that alter backgrounds, add color effects, and merge photos (among a lot of other things). You have the ability to adjust the color and light balance for every photo you take so everything looks as clean as possible. Not to mention, there are selfie tools that will remove skin blemishes, whiten teeth, and change hair and eye colors – how cool is that?!

After perusing through the comments, it seems that everyone agrees the number of photo editing tools is impressive; however, some users have mentioned that they’ve had a hard time saving their progress on occasion. I, personally, haven’t experienced this, but you should still know that people have reported it happening.

Pros: Edit lighting, background, and use selfie tools to improve the way your physical appearance looks

Cons: Occasionally difficult to save progress

Overall: As long as you don’t mind hitting save a few extra times, you can completely transform your pictures from dreary to amazing

VSCO – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 50M

VSCO is especially cool because you can create short videos and share them with your own personal audience; it’s a fun way to keep friends updated on your life. You also have the option to follow other creators who you find inspirational. And, if you want to play around with photo or video editing, you can utilize tons of efficient preset tools to make each shot look professional, fun, and aesthetic. There’s even a setting to make it look like you’re using a vintage camera – that one is my favorite.

Just keep in mind that if you want full access to the entire spectrum of editing tools and services, you do have to pay a membership fee. There are still tools you can use for free, but you will be limited in what you can do if you opt not to pay.

Pros: Edit photos and videos, share them with the community, follow other influencers

Cons: You have to pay to use the entire catalog of tools

Overall: As long as you don’t mind paying a few dollars for the entire editing tool collection, you’ll have a blast experimenting with tons of professional editing tools


I’ve been getting so many more likes on my photos since I began using these editing apps. If you’re trying to grow your follower account on social media, I would say these are essential to doing just that. Even if you just want to be able to look back on your pictures in the future, you’ll love how awesome you look in each one. Definitely check these out!