Top 15 Private Search Engines That Do Not Track You [ New ]

No one wants to share his/her information whether it’s offline or online mode. Everyone wants to keep her identity secret. Same case applies when we are browsing on any web browser. Most of the time we have to fill our personal details while filling any type of form or survey. This time we highly need a Private Browser. So guys, our today post is related to this topic only. Here in this post we are going to share Top 15 Private Search Engine that do not track on you.

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Basically in this post we are going to discuss all about Private Search Engine. We have covered almost all topics related to Top 15 Private Search Engines. We have provided detailed description of all the 15 best private search engine spreaded over the internet.

Before proceeding further, let me explain you all about, What is the need of Private Search Engines in era ? Scroll this page a bit to know the answer.

Advantage of Private Search Engines

#1 Data Security

These secure private search engines are made to retain the security of data. These search engine doesn’t allows any third party to access the essential part of data. These search engine uses the Authentication process to verify the identity so that the information is not leaked.


#2 Simple & Fast

Privately secure engine are very fast to surf. It took only few milliseconds to produce result pages on your search term. Also, Anybody can use these search engine without having any issues. There is no need of perfect knowledge to run these type of search engine’s.

#3 Loaded with Tons of Information

These type of search engine are stuffed with tons of information. All types of Information are available on these web search boxes. All you have to do is to put your search word in the address bar and just hit the search button. Voila ! Result is displayed on your screen within a second.

Now move to the main part of this post i.e About Top 15 Private Search Engine that donot track you. Here is the detailed list of all best private search engines. Read the full information about each search engine in the next part of this post. Also, Choose the best search engine from the list of 15 private seachs engine and let us know in comment section. We are glad to hear from our lovely readers.

#1 WolframAlpha

This is the best private search engine used by various reasearcher. Basically this search engine is basically suited for data security purpose. When you access these search engine for surfing then all you personal details are secured. No third party can track your data. This private search engine is developed by Wolfram|Alpha.

#2 DuckDuckGo

This is the most popular search engine developed till date. Most of us are aware about this search machine. This private search engine allows you to surf the web annoymously. This search engine doesn’t collect your personal details during login process. Must try this whenever you are doing any secret search on the web.

#3 Private Lee

This search engine is the 3rd most best private search engine which doesn’t track your data. As per it’s name, everything is private in this search engine. Best part is that this browser is attached with ssl encryption which is highly recommended for the purpose of data security. This search engine is used by various big bussiness giant as big bussiness data protection is most important.

#4 Yipee

This search engine working is totally based on user wishes. It displays the information according to user’s interest. Everything is perfectly arranged in categorie, whenever you make a search it automatically generate the result as per your requirement. Also, the important thing i.e your data remains confidential at the time of using this private search engine.

#5 Startpage

This is also a cool search engine which privately work according to the user preferences. This search engine is somewhat different as in there is an additional proxy server which doesn’t allows any other malicious website to track your data. We can say that this is the perfect private search engine which which allows you to browse annoymously.


This private search engine is not as much popular as it has limited features inbuilt in it. Basically, this search engine main advantage is that it doesn’t allows you data to be leaked to the outside environment.

#7 Hulbee

If you are highly concerned about your data from theft then this search engine is for you. This private search box provide you with the feature of surfing annoymously without any issue of data integrity and security. So, All your data and document is safe while you use this search engine. Also, It doesn’t allow any third party website to track your data.


This search engine is counted as one of the best private search engine. This search also make use of proxy servers for data protection. It uses the method of custom google search. This search engine doesn’t allows any fraudsters and spammers to access your confidential data.

#9 Disconnect Search

This is basically a meta search engine which collects data from other search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc. This search engine also provide you with the feature to choose your location while surfing the web.

#10 Gigablast

This is also a type of private search engine which protects your data from getting leaked to the third party. All your information are annonymous. Also, this search engine doesn’t allows other website to track your personal data.

#11 Oscobo

If someone asked me which is the most trusted search engine among all then this search engine is in the top of the list. This private search engine doesn’t let any third party user to access your confidential details.

#12 MetaGer

Looking for untracable search engine this is the perfect search engine which anyone can use to browse annoymously. Metager also make use of proxy server which makes your details limited to the intended user. Must try this private search engine for once

#13 lxquick

Startpage and lxquick search engine are run by same organisation. Basically, these two search engines are perfectly annonymous which doesn’t allows any other fraudsters or spammers to access your data.

#14 Blekko

This search engine logs personally identifiable details of the user. Sad part is that this is not completely a perfect private search engine. But this search engine also ensures our data safety.

#15 Vimeo

This is really an amazing best private search engine which doesn’t let other fraudsters to access your personal data. This is really an cool search engine.


That’s all for this informative post on Top 15 private search engine. We have added details of each searxs engine. Must read the details before using them.

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