Top Best Email service provider in the world

Whenever we think of formal & business communication, we think of an email. In the era of internet, Email is still a prominent mode of communication in the business world. There are many email service provider such as Gmail,,, Yahoo! Mail, Zoho Mail, GMX Mail, AOL Mail, ProtonMail and many more.

Today, I’m going to make you confront to some prominent email service providers. Some of you may know and use them or some may come to know about them for the first time, even I also came to know about some for the first time while doing blogger outreach through Degions. Users who are going to use email service for the first time can have an idea to make choice. In this article, I’ll tell you the features of some prominent email service providers which are easy to use and which I personally prefer to use. So, lets start.

Top Email service providers

  1. Gmail

Gmail, the best email service provider by Google was launched on April 1, 2004. Gmail has emerged as an widely used email service provider. Globally, many users prefer Gmail for formal & business communication. Even I also prefer Gmail for emailing. You can synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols. Gmail has come with some proficient features given below:

  • Scheduling an email: It often happens when you forget to send an important email or sometimes you have composed an email but do not want to send the same immediately. In that case, scheduling an email feature of Gmail helps a lot. You can schedule your email accordingly & your email will get send to the other user on the scheduled time & date.
  • 15 GB storage: Gmail has ample storage for email including attachments like Google Photos & large files from Google Drive. You can send email up to 25 MB (including attachments) & receive email up to 50 MB.
  • Spam filter: This feature of Gmail helps not even you but other Gmail users also. Whenever you report an email as a spam, you will not receive messages from that particular Gmail address in near future and it will provide information to other Gmail users also.
  • Languages: Gmail is available in 105 languages which access you to your own language as well as to other language also.
  • Email search bar: Gmail has a search bar at the top from where you can search an email which you want to read.

Gmail has more features like you can download its app from Google Play Store, privacy controls , you can easily switch to your other Gmail account etc. These features of Gmail has made Gmail the first choice of people worldwide.

  1. is a web-based package of services like webmail, contacts & calendars. The world’s first webmail service. It was available as but later Microsoft  acquired & in 2013 replaced it with Like Gmail, has also emerged as an widely used email service provider. After Gmail, many users prefer for emailing even I also have an outlook account. Outlook has some proficient features like Gmail but its privacy controls are better than Gmail. It supports POP3 and IMAP protocols. It has many features like:

  • Unlimited storage: It provides unlimited storage to you for emailing.
  • Virus scanning & Spam filtering: It scans virus, filters spam & uses DMARD for security thus it provides a great security to you.
  • Languages: It is available in 106 languages which access you to your own language as well as to other language.
  • Email search bar: Like Gmail, as a search bar from where you can search for an email which you want to read.
  • Skype integration: you can use skype within

It  has more features like you can import and export contacts into Outlook, open & edit your office documents and download its app.

  1. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is an another prominent web based  package of services like calendar & notepad provided by Yahoo. Yahoo mail has features like provides you an ample storage of 1 TB i.e. 1000 GB for emails, has better spam filtering feature, supports POP & IMAP protocols & has build-in search tool. Like, Yahoo messenger & SMS messaging has integrated in Yahoo mail.

  1. Zoho mail

Zoho Mail is an another web based package of  calendar, notes, task manager & instant chat. It provides you best privacy controls, supports POP & IMAP protocols, trivial interface & aimed at professionals. You can download its app. It also provides 5 GB storage for emails for customers who opt for free Lite Plan. You can send up to 50 MB of a file in an attachment and it also auto reply to emails from an address for which you have done this. If you are seeking for an email service where you can schedule your tasks and events so I would prefer you to choose Zoho Mail as it has build-in calendar, notes and task manager.

  1. AOL mail

AOL stands for America online. It has great security and privacy controls, scans virus, provides unlimited storage, has attachment limit of 25 MB & supports POP3, IMAP & SMTP. AOL is best web based email service in business world.

  1. is another web based email service provided by an internet company United Internet. It offers features like unlimited storage, available in 6 languages, virus scanning, spam filtering, Facebook integration, more than 200 domains for personal email address, better security and privacy controls, 2 GB space for online files, scheduling of tasks and events and app for Android and iOS.

  1. GMX Mail

GMX Mail, a free advertising  supported email service by GMX (Global Mail Exchange) has features like availability in 4 languages, file storage up to 2 GB, unlimited email storage, 50 MB attachment limit, supports POP3,SMTP & IMAP4, spam & virus protection, drag and drop capability for emails and files & collects emails from other email service provider.

  1. ProtonMail

ProtonMail, one of the best & secure email service provider from the point of security. It offers end-to-end encryption to you which means that ProtonMail account sends an encrypted email to other user & that mail can only be decrypted with the private key of the recipient. It supports two-factor authentication for its login process. It offers 500 MB email storage to you. It is available in 13 languages & app for Android & iOS. If you are security conscious then I would prefer you to choose ProtonMail.

  1. Mail

Yandex.Mail, the best free email service by Yandex , Russian internet company has features like provides 10 GB space for email storage, 30 MB attachment limit, offers scheduling an email facility, spam protection & supports POP & IMAP.

  1. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail, the best free email service by Apple with an amazing user interface.  It supports IMAP but not POP. Like ProtonMail, it also supports two-factor authentication for its email service. You can create mail from iCloud only if you are using an Apple’s device. It provides you 5 GB space for email service.

So, these all are top email service providers. Now, I hope that you can make choice whether what to choose . Also for entertainment purpose you can check out best tv series.

As I am using Gmail & so I would prefer you to choose them but if you want to opt other email service provider so you can as other email service providers are also good. If you are security conscious so I would prefer you to choose Protonmail & if you are using an Apple device so you can go for iCloud.