How to Optimize Your Site for User Experience

Attracting potential customers to visit the company website is already a difficult task. Given the number of related companies advertised on the same platform, it’s not easy to stand out. However, even after succeeding in enticing these people to visit the website, the job isn’t over yet.

They have to explore the page and decide to buy the products or services sold. The experience of the user so and browsing the page could impact the decision to patronize the products. Hence, asking for help from the experts like Portland Web Design Company is a reasonable action.

Optimize Your Site for User Experience

Web design isn’t only about making the website look good. It also focuses on the functionality of the page. These are some strategies used by experts to optimize the user experience.

Maximize the use of white space

There was a time when people are afraid of having white space on a website. It indicates the lack of ideas that might turn people off. The truth is that white space provides ample time for people to rest before moving on to the next idea. It prevents them from getting overwhelmed with a barrage of information presented on the website. White space also makes the page look more relaxing. When there are too many elements on the same page, they start to look confusing.

Improve loading speed

Before the users even reach the website, they have to open the link first. If it takes time for the page to load, it’s terrible. Browsing the Internet these days is no longer as slow as it used to. People can easily find the information they want if they have an Internet connection. If they have to wait for several seconds before the page starts loading, they will run out of patience and decide to look for other options. A part of the web design strategy is to improve loading speed. It might entail the removal of some elements that could make the page heavy. It includes unnecessary videos, pictures, and background music. After determining which elements can get taken out, it’s easier to load the page.

Use attractive calls to action

Killer calls to action are essential in making the website more enticing. After the users explore the page, they need to know what to do next. These calls to action will direct them to a link to purchase the items or leave information. The phrases must be clear, so the user will know what will happen after clicking on the link. It’s not enough to say “click here” or “buy now.” There should be more specific phrases that will indicate the potential results of the action.

Cut information into bullet points

Not everyone has enough time to read long articles. Some people might enjoy doing it if they’re traveling or they have plenty of time on their hands. However, for an average Internet user, reading a long article is a big no. To grasp the same amount of information, it helps to segment it into bullet points or numbers. Subheadings also work. The goal is to reduce the number of words without removing the main thought of the content.

Write enticing headlines

The first thing that people will see is the headline. It will appear on the search engines once the user starts to search for specific keywords. The headline should be attractive enough so that the user will click on that link over other choices. However, it’s also important to have relevant content. Otherwise, the heading will be viewed as clickbait. It might adversely affect the reputation of the business.

Use real images

Another way to improve user experiences by using real images. It helps if real people are using the products and services instead of copying stock photos. Sure, these images are for free and won’t have legal repercussions when used for commercial purposes. However, they also don’t do anything to entice people to buy the products. They don’t find these images relatable enough. They might even think that the business doesn’t cater to people like them.

Maximize videos

Again, not everyone has enough time to read long content. The good thing is that the entire information in an article that takes 10 minutes to read can be summed up in a one-minute video. Using videos to explain certain details will be good for digital marketing. For instance, the videos can provide demonstrations on how to use the products and services. Since potential buyers couldn’t see the actual products before ordering them, these explainer videos help. Another reason for using videos is that they take away vagueness and misunderstanding. The video can explain everything without leaving anything to the imagination. The potential customers couldn’t accuse the business of fooling them because the videos are already clear.

Organize the website

The website should also be well-organized. Moving from one page to another shouldn’t be a problem. The user should also find it easy to immediately receive the information needed. Avoid using too many tabs since they can be confusing. Each service offered by the business should also have a landing page. It will redirect the potential customers to the specific information they need to know instead of the website’s home page.

The website should work well on mobile devices

Everyone uses their phones to look for information. It’s easier to browse on a mobile device since it’s accessible. For most people, looking for information isn’t the only thing that they do online. They also purchase products or make reservations. If the website doesn’t load correctly when opened on a mobile device, these potential customers will feel turned off. They might decide not to buy the product anymore and look for a website that can provide a better user experience.

The best web design company can be a good partner

Understanding all the details needed to improve user experience can be challenging. Receiving help from a Portland Web Design Company would be great. The strategies used by these experts can go a long way. They know how to make the website look and feel better. They also served as a web design company for other businesses. Hence, they understand what it takes to make the page look great.