5 Video Editing Tips You Need to Try

Cinematography is a process, and recording the video is only a part of that process. Although it’s important to get the right angles and scenes, the true magic comes out in post-production.

But if you’re new to the world of video editing, it can be difficult to know which techniques to try to take your videos to the next level.

Here are five video editing tips that’ll give your productions a professional look.

1. Add Sound Effects and Music

By adding music and sound effects to your video, you can create layers and depth. Background and ambient noises can help your audience feel immersed in your video.

Make sure whatever audio track you choose matches the feeling that you want to shine through. Unless you’re trying to make a statement, a metal or screamo song won’t look good paired with a serene shot of a mountainside. You should also try to get your shots to line up with the beat of the song.

2. Speed Things Up or Down

If you look at professional, Hollywood-level productions, one thing you’ll notice is that they often use speed ramping for emphasis.

Movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Transformers, and 300 slow shots down for dramatic effect. By incorporating these a slowdown into an ordinary shot, you’ll highlight that particular moment.

You can speed shots up to highlight movement or emphasize scale.

3. Stabilize Your Shots

Nothing screams amateur more than a shaky shot. But what if you capture the footage then realize that the shots are unsteady? In that case, you can use editing software to make them smoother.

Play around with the settings on whichever video editing software you’re using. The goal is to make it look coherent, without it being clear that you edited it.

You can also try resizing your video. Check out Adobe Spark Video to resize your video for free.

4. Make Tight Cuts

If your video contains an interview or a lot of talking, tight cuts can help it appear more professional.

Play it back, and look for areas where there are pauses, or where the speaker uses filler words, such as “um”. Cut these areas out to help tie together your entire project. It’ll also help shorten down and condense your video’s length.

5. Tell a Story

Remember that no matter what type of video you’re making, it should tell a story. Have an idea of what you want to tell before you begin filming, then use editing software to make it clear.

Hollywood films rely on editing to streamline events and make sure that the right messages and elements are clear.

Try These Video Editing Tips

Making the right edits in post-production can be the difference between a good video and a great one. By following this guide and the five video editing tips, you’ll be able to make a quality product that’ll resonate with your audience.

Do you have any other tips on how to edit videos? Let us know!

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