14 Things To Do After Rooting Your Android Smartphone

So finally you have taken the plunge and rooted your android device. The process gets increasingly complex not because of the complexities involved, but of the content warning reminders, we get from our acquaintances about bricking our phones.

However, the process of rooting has been vastly simplified, and now even developers are giving out tutorials on how to safely root your android phone. But now since that process is done, let’s see 14 things to do after you have unlocked your phone.

14 Things To Do After Rooting Your Android Smartphone


Top 14 Things To Do After Rooting:

  1. Install A Custom Recovery:
  2. Perhaps the most useful addition after you have rooted your phone is to install a custom recovery.

  3. Flash A Custom ROM:
  4. After you have rooted your android phone, you have the freedom to flash a custom ROM that suits your preferences. With a lot of custom ROMs available, the possibilities are endless.

  5. Remove The Stock Apps:
  6. Have you ever wondered how to remove all those preinstalled software or bloatware from your phone? Fret not, because after rooting your phone, you can easily remove bloatware from form android phone in no time.

  7. Install Greenify:
  8. There are a lot of apps available to you that can help your device to stay in top shape, but some of them aren’t fully functional without root access. One such app is the Greenify app. It can increase your device’s battery backup by a mile by efficiently handling background processes.

  9. Install A Custom Kernel:
  10. If you want more control or modify specific options in your phones like the camera or CPU processes, you can alter those using custom kernels.

  11. Increase The RAM:
  12. This is not a joke! You can definitely increase your phone’s RAM, using specific software that enables you to partition your SD card space and use it as RAM.

  13. Overclock Or Underclock Your Hardware:
  14. If you want more speed out of your device, you can overclock your processor though it might affect your battery life.

  15. Play Heavy Games:
  16. If you were held back by device limits on your unrooted phone, then after rooting, you could gain access to HD or highly demanding games with ease.

  17. Use Screen Capture Any Time:
  18. After rooting your phone, with the help of third-party apps, you can record your screen with ease.

  19. Force Change Your Screen Resolution:
  20. Depending upon the new ROM or kernel or a third party app, you can change the screen resolution on your device.

  21. Change Fonts And Styles:
  22. Fed up with looking at the same old text for a long time? After you are done rooting, you can easily change the font and writing styles throughout your phone with ease.

  23. Change Animations:
  24. Who said the animation and effects on your phone should remain the same? After rooting your phone, you can easily customize the animation as well as the screen effects.

  25. Install Dolby Atmos:
  26. This is for all the audiophiles out there! You can get your hands on Dolby Atmos flash after you have rooted your device.

  27. Install Xposed Framework:
  28. If you need more control over your device, then Xposed Framework is a must! You can control almost all software and hardware parameters from here.

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