Almost everyone today uses the internet or they are running their online business, Thus security becomes a first priority. We know that running an e-commerce business along with considering other other trust parameters is also important. This article will let you know the importance of Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for your e-commerce website. At times, SSL sounds like a confusing topic but it isn’t.

What is an SSL certificate and what are its types?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is an encryption technology used to enable HTTPS protocol that will be used to establish encrypted connection from user’s web browser and your web server and All web transactions will be secure. It is not necessary that it has to be always financial transactions but it can be anything that involves your personal and sensitive information.  Just you need to install SSL certificate on your server to protect online communications of your e-commerce site. EV SSL certificate is issued by Certificate Authority after validating your Domain and Organization name . Let’s have a quick look at different types of SSL certificates.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates- EV SSL certificate is most trusted web security certificate issued by Certification Authorities  such as Comodo, Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, GlobalSign. CAs will examine specific domain ownershop of applicant, and follow a strict validation process for verifying Legal & Physical existence of organization that will help to get highest authentication of ecommerce business. When it enables the green padlock sign and Company name in green text on the address bar next to website URL, So, It helps to gain customers trust without any doubt.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates- This type of SSL certificate is also issued by a Certificate Authority. OV SSL Certificate enables the fundamental checking of the organization for the specific domain. Although it is not a strict validation process as EV SSL, it certainly provides the information about the organization to its customers and gives all the certification details.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificates– DV SSL certificate issued by verifying applicant’s domain ownership and and provides basic domain security by enabling Https:// and green padlock icon.

Our article is all about knowing how EV SSL certificate is suitable for your e-commerce website, thus let’s get started as we already have known a bit about the SSL certificate and its types.

EV SSL Certificate is the best option for securing e-commerce site due to it validates Full business details. That is why, EV certificate might cost a bit high, but they are worth the efforts and money. Even, you can display your company’s name and green address bar with Cheap EV SSL Certificates issued by trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs).

If you want to secure connection of your E-commerce website with HTTPS protocol in less budget, you can buy GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL Certificate from authorized SSL provider – Cheap SSL Shop. GeoTrust EV SSL is well-known and most recognized certificate that includes Dynamic site seal of GeoTrust CA enabled on your site, which helps to gain trust of your customers and offers enhanced security against Phishing and other Vulnerabilities.

Dynamic site seal and Company Name display in address bar of browser are most important aspects in considering EV SSL certificate for your e-commerce website.  As per research, Lot of customers have canceled their orders because of the trust issues on the e-commerce website.

Let’s face that your company is new and needs a lot of attention. Here, the way you put your products and website in front of your customers will determine its impact and credibility in the market.  See, it is all about trust that you gain for your online business. Extended Validation SSL certificate offers you the same. It displays green padlock icon, company name next to the URL in the browser’ address bar that indicates that every transactions you do with website is secured including the customer’s credit card and other banking information. Apart from this it also indicates that your E-commerce business site is legitimate and safe to use.

It helps in boosting SEO rankings

Google has announced back in 2014, HTTPS as a ranking signal to keep everyone safe on the web. There are lot of e-commerce websites have started to use SSL certificates to secure their transactions as well as they are getting good SERP rankings on Google search engine.

For better revenue and increased rankings, Just you need to install EV SSL certificate and enable HTTPS next to the website URL over popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox etc. Nowadays, It becomes easy and convenient to install EV certificate and will certainly help in boosting SEO rankings on your website.

With better rankings, you get better Conversions as well

EV SSL certificates are most popular among individuals and organizations because it enables Https:// protocol with the green padlock sign and encompass all the other benefits of a digitally-signed certificate. All this ultimately will help in increasing the conversions and ROI. With EV SSL certificate the process is easy but a bit rigorous to ensure full protection. EV SSL certificate validates domain control of applicant’s as well as verify legal documents of company. Certificate Authority takes 5 to 7 working days to validate full organization details to issue EV SSL. So, Site Visitor ensures that all data provided by e-commerce store are authenticated.

To wrap up, it can be said that Extended Validation SSL certificate provides ideal SSL security solution for your e-commerce business. It certainly acts as slight ranking boost, which helps in increasing traffic, and conversions to your business.