3 Instagram Hacks That Social Media Experts Don’t Want You To Know

Gone are the days when people thought of Facebook pages and websites to be the only platform for marketing. Now, it is that point of life where there are several other platforms through which you can do a more effective and influential marketing. Among those platforms, Instagram has recently got a lot of hype and the hype is justified because the users of Instagram are increasing on a very rapid pace. Also, the current situation of social media platforms somehow indicate that Instagram is now becoming more successful than Facebook and Twitter. However when it’s for marketing, we suggest you to try all of the platforms because you never know what’s more lucky for you and your business.

Now, if you have recently joined Instagram then this article is a must-to-read for you. Today we are going to jot down some of the best hacks that social media experts don’t want you to know. So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article might give you the success tips that can help you in your business development.

1-Your Bio Link Can Be Your Biggest Power

We are pretty sure of the fact that you have left your bio link dysfunctional for a long time now and that is your biggest mistake. You see, your bio link can be your biggest power only if you know how to make organize it properly. If you are planning to use Instagram for marketing then we suggest you that you must have a website for your company too. You can put the URL of your website in the bio of your Instagram account and this is where you will see the results. Keep changing and keep updating that bio link because this can seriously take your marketing game on a next level and increase your instagram followers.

2-Embrace Influencer Marketing

You see there are high chances that your competitors are doing well than you and this is the point where you have to act smart. Instead of stressing and challenging them you should learn from them and try to become allies. For that first you need to find those accounts and people who are selling the same services and products as you are and then follow them and each and every single of their strategy. You can get notifications when they post something and you can even come up with a deal that can benefit both of you.

3-The Strategy Of Piggybacking

Gaining the attention of your audience and increasing the number of your followers can be a hard nut to crack and there might come a  time when you will lose all your hopes. Well, don’t worry because there is a way out for that too. All you need to do is to use the piggybacking strategy. For that you need to;

  • Follow the Instagram accounts that are pretty popular and look for their followers.
  • Pinpoint those followers and then like any one of their photos or posts and also post a comment on that photo.
  • Follow them and then wait for magic to happen.

You might feel like you are getting too much involved when it comes to the piggyback strategy but honestly this technique can help you in gaining followers magically. These are a few tips and tricks that can help you master the art of marketing on Instagram and if you genuinely want to see results then we suggest you to follow these tips and you will see how effective they are.