12 Best Applocker Apps for Android with Pin, Pattern and Finger Print Password

Searching for best applocker for android in 2018 ? Here in this post we have added 12 best applocker apps for android. Choose your favourite apps from our list. Must checkout all apps and decide by reading its feature which one is the best.

Security is the most important concern these days. Everyone wants their data to be keep hidden from the access of others. When it comes to smartphone levels, then app protection is a very important task.

No one wants their social life to be checked by others. Let it be any social application whether whatsapp, facebook etc. Whenever you are sitting with your friends then most of the time your friends keeps on checking your smartphone i.e called stalking. So what is the solution for that ? Applock is the single and efficient solution for this problem. Just set the app lock in whatsapp and you are done. Now only you have the power to open your whatsapp. Best part is that you can setup your applock password in the form of pattern,pin or even finger print.

Best App Locker For Android

But there is a big problem there ? Problem is to choose the best app locker application for android ! This is really a very difficult task in choosing the best locking app for your android. But now there is no need to worry as here in this post we are going to share the top 12 best applocker apps for android with pin, pattern and finger print password. Eager to know about the best free applock for android ? keep reading this post further for more information !

Lets proceed further in this post ! Check out all amazing applocker apps in this post.

#1 Applock

this is the best app locker available on the playstore. Almost all of us are aware about this app. This app is popular just because of its amazing features. You can check the popularity of this app locker on playstore by checking its no of downloads . This app has more than 100 million downloads on play store. This app comes with various additional features  which make it best among the best. One of the amazing feature of applock is that it provide you with the feature of locking app as well as variuos androids togels like bluetooth ,mobile dta etc. You can lock small to small app usin ghtis locker. Best feature of this app is that it comes with inbuit  power saving mode which saves your battery from draining.

There is also an another feature of showing warning message in the app. This app provide you with the feature to show a fake warning message on the app at the opening of app. This message seems to be real for the other intruders.

#2 Privacy Knight AppLock

Here comes the another best cool app locker for android. This app locker is developed by Alibaba and is available for free on the google play store. Best feature of this app locker is that it has no ads in it. Now google ads will not annoy you at all. Download this amazing app locker from here and enjoy. Must share your experience with this app from in comment section.

#3 Norton App Lock

Most of us are aware about this brand known as Norton. Heard of Norton AntiVirus ? This app locker is an Norton company product which is really a good application for security purposes. This app is also free. In this app you can use your finger prints, pin or pattern as your password. There are lots of other features which we will discuss later on.

#4 Hexlock App Lock

This app locker gained so much of popularity in a short span of time. Hexlock app locker is a new app locker developed for Android. This locker really comes with amazing features. First of all, It is an free applocker available on playstore. One thing i liked the most about this app is that it captures the intruder pics when he/she is entering wrong password. You can set your password in the form of Pin, Pattern or Finger Print.

#5 App Locker

This is an advance version of applock discussed above on the first position of the list. It’s almost all features are same as applock. Sad part is that this app is not yet much popular among the list of app locker for android. Reason behind this is it’s old user Interface. This app doesn’t receive any updates in the last few years. But still there are few features available in this app which makes it more useful.

#6 KeepSafe App Lock

0This is also an amazing app used by Android user for the purpose of app locking. Best part of this app is it’s cool user Interface. You really love the design of this app. Also, It is very simple to use this app. All other features are same as other locker apps avsavaila for android.

#7 Finger Security

If you want to use your finger print as your password then you should try this amazing app. This app provide you with the feature to use finger print while launching the app. You can also prevent uninstallion of app available in your phone using this app locker.

#8 AppLock – Fingerprint

Here comes an other amazing app which is used by millions of people. This app is loades with tons of amazing features. This app provide you the high level security. All you have to do is just install the amazing app in your phone and enjoy !

#9 MaxLock

Here comes an another premium app available for android which provide you with the feature of top level security. Problem is that this app only works in rooted Android device. So to use this app, You have to first root your phone and then only you can enjoy it’s cool features.

#10 CM AppLock

This app locker provide you with the feature to put lock not only on apps but also on WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile data etc. Really an awesome app ! This app is developed by Cheetah mobile. Try out this applock and let us know in comment section about this app.

#11 Perfect AppLock

As per it’s name, this app is perfect for locking of apps. You can easily locks your app using this locker. Then what are you waiting for just download this amazing app from playstore and enjoy it’s amazing features. You can use your Pin, Password or finger print to lock your apps. Check out all it’s cool features !!

#12 ES File Locker

Es App Locker is also an awesome app locker for android. This app has 1 Million + downloads on the playstore. Now you can guess it’s popularity. Check out all it,s premium features ! What are you waiting for just install this awesome app and get aware of it’s cool features.


Finally we came to an end to this informative post on 12 Best Applocker Apps for Android with Pin, Pattern and Finger Print Password. We have added best applocker espescially for android. Hope you guys like this post. Dont be so mean must share this post with friends and loved ones.  We have tested each and every app listed in this post. Feel safe while using these apps in your phone.