How to increase the battery life of a laptop

Despite of all the enhancements in the laptop in various aspects, its battery has been left unattended and one certainly needs to find out ways to increase the battery life of a laptop. The trend of mobile computing has been getting better with the usage of lighter components, faster processors as well as better chips. But there has been no efforts regarding the extension of the working capacity of the laptop battery. The recent graphic concentrated operating systems as well as the resource hungry applications have been cutting down the time of the laptop battery each day. The life of an average battery happens to be at the most three to four hours on being used continuously. Therefore a fast draining battery could very easily lay the crutches on one’s ‘mobile road trip. Thus here are certain tips that need to be followed in order to enjoy a longer battery life.

increase battery life of a laptop

Ship shape via defrag

The process of regular defragmentation is quite helpful in arranging data in a more efficient manner and thus rendering the hard drive lesser work of accessing the data. More is the working speed of the moving hard drive lesser would be the load laid on the battery. Finally, the battery has the chances of lasting for a longer duration. The results are minimal, but effectiveness certainly goes hand in glove along with the maintenance of the hard drive.

Terminate the resource gobblers

Finish all those background processes which are insignificant. Examine the resource handling via a “CTRL-ALT-DET” that brings up the efficient Windows Task Manager (in Windows). If one is not surfing the net then it is advisable to close all the immediate unnecessary programs that run in the taskbar such as the antivirus as well as the firewall. It is a smart approach of weeding out the non-essential programs that have been running in the form of start-ups by virtue of launching the efficient System Configuration Utility. The way of initiating it from the Run “Msconfig” Tab: Startup. It would be better to uncheck all the programs which one does not wish to go about launching as well as rebooting the computer once.

Pausing the scheduled tasks

It might be a process of defrag or the regular virus scan, but one must ascertain the fact that it must be scheduled for some time while one is close to some power outlet. And in case one is not, it is better to nix them for some time. This is an easy way to increase the battery life of the laptop.

Unplugging the external devices

The USB devices happen to be the biggest reasons responsible for the drain of the battery power. It is better to unplug various external devices such as the eternal mouse, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, external speakers, PC cards etc.

Vacant the CD/DVD Drives

Even if one does not plan to use it, do not leave any of the CDs or DVDs as scraps in the drives. A drive that goes about spinning extracts battery similar to a sponge.

A longer battery life implies longer time duration of carrying out all the vital procedures in the mobile mode. It is helpful mostly for the time when one cannot access any electric point for a longer time in order to reimburse the battery. An interrupted battery is certainly a pre-requisite for the mobile warriors.