Top 20 Best Music Player For Android in 2018

Music is one of the beautiful thing which gives us the soothing effect whether we are alone or with friends. Best partner of music is music player which provides the platform to play the music. Main function of the music player is to covert the electrical signal into audio signal. Now question arises, Which Music Player is best ? Just wait and read ! Here in this post we are going to share Top 20 best music player for your android device.

There are more than 1000’s of music player available in this music world. Basically in this post we have sort listed best 20 music player for Android with equalizer. Now you guys don’t have to waste your precious time in searching for the best music player for Android. Keep reading this post for more information :

Nowadays people are bored if listrenil the simple music. Instead of that people want to have some remix and mixup songs in their playlist. Hmm.. What your’s favourite genre of music ? Must share your’s in the comment section. What if i i told you that you can change your song, frequency and amplitude using an amazing app ? Do you guys believe me ? Yes…! A application known as music player which provide you with the feature to change your song internal configuration like it’s pitch, frequency etc. Basically, these music player make use of an software known as equalizer. Also, there are many equalizer free music player available in the Android market.

In our top 20 best free music player list we have added both type of music player i.e With Equalizer or without Equalizer. Must try these amazing players as these music player totally changes your experience of listening music.

I have seen many music lovers hittig the web by making google searches like best music player for android in 2018, best free music player in 2018 for android, Best music player for android with Equalizer, light weight music player for android etc. Sad part is that many website have listed the full list of music player but they are out dated. These nusim player are used in early 2000’s. Now there is a trend of new type of music player. No worries ! This time you are landed at right place. Here we have shared top 20 trending music player for android.

Without wasting much time, let’s move on to the main part of this post 🙂

Best 20 free music player play Music

#1 Powerramp music player

This is the best and the most popular music player which i ever used. Many of us are aware about this amazing app. This player provide you with the feature to play your song with changing amplitude and pitch. Also, this player has inbuilt software of equalizer inside it. It consist of total 10 band equalizer in the app. You can play mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff etc. type of music in this music player.

#2 Google Play Music

This is also an amazing app developed by Google for the purpose of listening music. This app can contains more than 50,000 songs in it. Just imagine 50,000 songs 😬. You can check the review of this app from playstore to know more about it’s popularity. This music player runs of both Android & IOS platform.

#3 Player Pro Music Player

This is the best customize music player which provide you with the feature to play your favourite genre of music. This music player also supports all type of music extension like mp3, mp4, mpa, wav, amr etc. There is also an video player option available in this app.

#4 n7player music player

Searching for best free music player for android ! Here is the one with all awesome features. This music player also has an equaliser. Try this out ! Let us know in comment section.

#5 Rocket Player

As like it’s name, This music player works very fast among all. This player comprises of 30+ Themes and 5 band equalizer. This app also provide you with feature to display lyrics.

#6 Music

This application is developed by sony. Music app gives you the best experience of listening music. Import your song and play using this app. This player also supports all type of extensions.

#7 Pi Music Player

This app supports all type of music tracks and genre. Also, this player is beautifully customized with amazing themes collection. We can say that this is the best free music player for android.


This is the lightest music player which i ever used. Honestly speaking, few days back i m using this app to listen music for long hours. It also consist of 10 band equalizer.

#9 JetAudio Music Player

This is the free music player which is used by millions of people. Like other players, it also supports all type of song extension like .wav, .amr, .mp3, .mp4 etc.

#10 Blackplayer Music Player

This is also an amazing music player which has more than 1,00,000 downloads. It supports an buid in Equalizer and flac support of 4.1 version.

#11 Musixmatch music player

This music player is same as other music player Only difference in this music player is that it provides you with the lyrics display features.

#12 Minima Music Player

This is newly launched music player. I haven’t used this player till now but by watching it’s specs, it really looks awesome.

#13 Double twist music player

This app provide you with the feature to synchronise music. It is very easy to use this app due to it’s simplicity. User Interface of this app is really amazing.

#14 Phonograph Music Player

This music player works best with Android version Lolipop and above. Must try this amazing app and listen the delicious music in one go. This app has very clean Interface. You will also find a theme engine software in the app. Thumbnails are automatically added in this app.

#15 GoneMad Music Player

This music player really makes you gonna mad just because of its High quality bass. This is also an amazing and best free music player app available for android. It also supports all type of songs. It consists of 1000+ themes !

#16 Apple Music

This is the beat music player app for ios lovers. It also supports all type of extensions. Try this out and let me know in comment section. This app provide you with the feature to stream more than 40 millions songs.

#17 Stellio Music Player

Everything in this music player is same as other. Different thing is that it includes 12 band equalizer which makes your music player experience really amazing.

#18 Shuttle music player

This is the awesome free music player for android. If you have an Android player then must try out this Amazing music player. You will really love this music player.

#19 Neutron Music Player

This music player consist of 32/64 bit audio processing system which let you play amazing songs in one go.

#20 Pulsar Music Player

Best thing that i like about this app is that, this app is totally ad free. While all other functions are same as other music player listed above.


That’s all for this amazing post on Top 20 Best Free Music Player For Android. Try out all players and if you have any doubt regrading this please let us know in comment section. Our team will reply you soon.

Hope you guys like this post. We have added almost all types of music player in this post. If you liked this post then don’t forget to share this post with your friends and loved ones ❣. Stay tuned with us for more amazing stuffs.


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