5 Ways to Use Technology in Your Restaurant

Technology is infiltrating every industry nowadays for the better, including the food industry. Technology in restaurants is being used to help save money, run the restaurant more efficiently, entertain customers, and stay competitive with other restaurants. Here are five ways to use technology in your restaurant.

1. POS system

An efficient POS system is essential in helping your restaurant staff communicate orders with the kitchen. You need a system that is easy to use, reliable, and quick. It’s amazing how many restaurants still use an old-school form of putting in orders by just writing the order and a paper ticket and sending it to the back. When restaurants use this method, there can be miscommunication because of bad handwriting or writing things in odd places on the ticket. When things need to be clarified, it can slow the kitchen down or cause errors.

A POS system makes things easy to read and simple. Furthermore, it gives you the tools to analyze the numbers at the end of the day to see which items you sold and what servers are selling the most. You can use this information to make the best choices for your restaurant.

It’s important to have multiple POS systems for large restaurants. If servers have to wait to put in orders, it can slow down ticket times and make customers angry.

2. Online Ordering

If your restaurant offers carry out, offering online ordering is an absolute must. Some people don’t want to call in their order. They may even hang up if there’s a hold. Online ordering gives people the opportunity to order without calling in. If your restaurant offers delivery, your customer won’t even have to put on shoes if they don’t want to. This option can increase delivery and pickup sales. Even fancier restaurants are learning how important it can be to offer pickup and delivery, so examine your restaurant to see if you can accommodate it.

3. Menu-engineering software

Not every item on your menu is a top-seller. When you keep ordering the ingredients for items that don’t get ordered, you’re wasting money. The ingredients just sit in the back of the freezer until they are finally ordered. When ordered, it won’t taste like it should since the food is probably freezer-burnt. This means your customer will have a bad experience, and they probably won’t come back.

Menu engineering software gives you the opportunity to analyze your menu. It will tell you which items aren’t being ordered. That way, you can order less of it or take it off of the menu all together. The software will also help you determine which items provide the largest profit. You can use this information to charge the appropriate price for your hottest sellers.

4. Workforce Management software

Paying the staff is a large portion of the cost for any restaurant. Having too many people on staff can cost a lot of money. On the other hand, not having enough staff can mean a chaotic shift. It can be hard to find the right amount of help needed, but workforce management software can help you do just that. It can help you determine when you need people the most and help you arrange the schedule accordingly. It will save you money, keep your employees happy, and keep the restaurant running smoothly.

5. Free Wi-fi for customers

We live in a world where people stay connected to the internet regularly. They stay connected for work purposes as well as personal reasons. Some consumers want to bring their laptop and work while enjoying a leisurely meal. If you don’t offer free wi-fi a number of customers might choose to go somewhere else.

Advertise the free wi-fi with a small sign on the window of your establishment or even a little notice on coupons and menus. Don’t make people ask for the password, either. Keep your security open.

All other restaurants are starting to use technology in their business models, and it’s time for you to do the same thing. You can use it to help you manage your menu, your staff, and your customers. It can even be a selling point. When you use modern technology, you are showing the world that your restaurant is ready for the next generation of customers.