Top 10 Cool Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks and Hacks

If you are little bit in touch with computer technology then you must have heard about Command Prompt. Basically Command Prompt is a command line software which is available in most of the Windows OS. It is a black screen window which is used to give commands for a specific piece of work. It is widely used as a command interpreter in most of the computer works. It is also known as CMD !! Here in this post we are presenting you the top 10 best command prompts tricks.

Command Prompt is not only a black screen windows software, there are lots of hidden feature available behind the black screen. Most of us are not aware about these awesome tricks and hacks of CMD. But there is nothing to worry as after reading this post you came to know all hacks related to command prompts. All you have to do is to read this full post and after that you will really get awesome knowledge from this post. Scroll down the page and enjoy each and every part !!

Command Prompts Tricks

Top 10 Cool Command Prompts Tricks and Hacks

Before proceeding further, Let me give you an overview of this post ! Here in this post we are going to share top 10 cool command prompts tricks that you have never seen before. Not only this we have also shared some awesome tips to use command prompt in an effective manner. If you are every try to get into TWRP mode in any android phone then you have seen most of the peeps using CMD window to give commands on the screen. Not only this i have also make use of notepad at the time of running any java program’s. Thesedays, use of CMD is little bit less after the discovery of other GUI. Still ! there are few works which can 0nly be completed with the help of CMD.

To open CMD in your window, just hit your windows button on the keyboard and after that make a search of “Command Prompt” there in the box. That’s all a black window will appear on the screen. Now just read the amazing tricks and hacks and apply them in your window. so what are you waiting for ! Go and read the awesome cmd hacks and tricks from this post.

#1 Get Help Command

This is the most useful command in CMD. If you are a beginner and are not much aware about command prompt then this command is really helpful for you. Using this command you can get complete information about any command that you will write on cmd screen. All you have to do is to add this code in the last of your command i.e “/?”. Suppose you have given an command of cls thenm to get complete info about this command, write this cls“/?” in your screen. Boom ! All information related to this command will be loaded into your screen.

#2 Encrypt File

Yup ! You can easily encrypt any file using command prompt. Encryption means hiding your sensitive data by converting it into a coded format. This command is really helpful if you have some highly credentials folders in your computer. To use this command, first of all open command prompt in your pc/laptop. Next type “cd” command to change your directory to the folder’s. After completing this process, type “Cipher /E“ and press the enter key. That’ s all ! All your files are encrypted. Enjoy 🙂

#3 Function Keys

There are total 9 function keys available on the computer. Here is the full list : F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9. These keys plays an important role while using command prompt. Each function has different function, i am going to discuss each and every key function. Here we go :

F1 : This Function Key paste the last used command one by one

F2 : This Function key function is same as F1 but the difference is that it only paste command to a specified character

F3 : It simply paste the last command

F4 : It will delete the command

F5 : It also pastes the last command used without involving the process of cycling

F6 : Function : Pastes ^Z

F7 : This command provide you with the list of last used command

F8 : It also paste command but cycleable

F9 : Allows you to paste recently used command

#4 Copying Data from Command Prompt

You can easily perform the copy operation in command prompt. All you have to do is to right click on the command prompt screen then choose mark from the list of option. Next, select the text which you want to copy and hit the enter button. That’s all !!

#5 IP Address Check

You can easily check IP address of any site. You have to write just a simple command to perform this operation and that code of line “nslookup” and hit the enter button. In the next window, IP address of site is loaded !!

#6 Multiple command execution

You can execute multiple command in command prompt with the help od “&&” this code. Just write this between each command and now you are able to execute multiple commands.

#7 Default Program Check

Command Prompt also provide you with the feature to check the default program. To check yours, just open your command prompt and type “assoc” to see the list of all default programs.

#8 PC Driver Full List

There is the simple code in the command prompt which provide you with the feature to check PC Driver list. Just paste “driverquery” this command in  your command prompt window and hit the enter. Boom ! Pc driver list is in front of you.

#9 Scan all files in a System

Command Prompt also provide you with  the feature to scan all files in as system. All you have to do is to type “sfc/scannow” and hit the enter button. That’s all ! All your files are scanned and the result is in front of you.

#10 Network Details in CMD

To get all your network details just type “ipconfig” and hit the enter button. That’s all ! Network details will be loaded into your screen.


Finally we came to an end to this informative post on Top 10 cool Command Prompts tricks and hacks. If you have any doubt in any of the command please let us know in comment section. Our team will reply you soon !!

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