Best Gadgets For Family Road Trips

Anyone who’s ever been on a family road trip will know that keeping entertained is one of the biggest challenges, especially for the kids. In the old days this would have required a stack of books and comics and a pile of audio cassettes and unless you’re a bit of a retro fanatic it’s clear that times have changed and there are many examples of how we can use technology to make the trip both fun and bearable.

Gaming Systems:

There has been mobile gaming in existence for several decades now but it has certainly come along way since the good old days of the Nintendo Gameboy and Sega Gamegear of the late 1980’s. We have much more sophisticated gaming systems these days but also there are so many games available on mobile phone and tablet PCs and many of them are available for free, if you have even older handsets they can be turned into gaming devices for the trip and there are some great games available.

Sound Systems:

Every car has a stereo as we all know but there are various upgrades you can make to enhance this if you want a better experience. You can get better speakers or change the actual unit itself which can give you better features such as DAB radio. Or even Bluetooth connectivity if your vehicle doesn’t already have it, this will allow you to connect your phone or other devices and if you have a subscription to a service such as Spottily you can play pretty much whatever music you like or even your favorite podcast!

Turn Vehicle Into A Camper:

It’s not just the travelling when you need to entertain yourselves it’s the rest of the holiday as well, so why not think about turning a van into a camper? This way you can have all the set of of your home comforts but on a smaller scale. You can have TV, stereo even satellite TV! One  thing to remember is that for any modifications you make be sure that you have the correct van insurance to cover it.

Voice Recognition:

One of the biggest progressions in home media entertainment in recent years has been the emergence of smart speakers with voice recognition. It is possible to set up these devices in your car with a little effort. You can then listen to audio easily but there’s so much more that can be done, there are voice games and quizzes that are fun for all the family. One thing to be sure to keep on top of is that you will need to use a mobile data signal and this can eat up a lot of data.

Video Playing Devices:

There are many ways to play video in cars and like many other forms of in-car entertainment this can be done on mobile devices. This opens up many different platforms than the old days of having a DVD player for the kids. You can play videos via any online source such as YouTube for example.