How to Consider the Best External Hard Drive for MacBook Pro?

In Modern times, data is everywhere, from Facebook to WhatsApp, from smartphones to laptops, we need space to store our data as there are tons of data flowing in a second. If you are using a MacBook, then you must have gone through the storage issue, as it has a very small storage capacity. You should not invest in buying the premium services for MacBook storage, in fact, for a lesser amount, you can buy an external Hard disk for your Mac.

best external hard drive for mac

Buying an external Hard Disk for your mac seems to be a hurdle for all of you, but after going through this article you will find it easy to buy it without any confusion.


Hard disk drive (HDD) is a traditional hard drive that contains a circular disk, known as a platter, that stores the data. The disk has read-write arms that allow the disc to read the data when the disk rotates. Solid State Drive (SDD) is the later version, It has no parts that rotate, it works on NAND flash memory. There are some factors on which, you can decide that which one you should go for, HDD or SSD


Speed is one of the major considerations for buying the best external hard drive for MacBook Pro or Air. If you compare the speed of HDD and SSD, you will find that SSD is the best in terms of speed, You can have an HDD that achieves 7200 RPM (Generally means 150 MB/sec), usually, all the modern HDD works on 7200. Even you can get a 10000 RPM HDD, but you will have to pay a little higher for it. Whereas talking about the speed of SSD, they have no moving parts, so they do not depend on RPM. You can get the SSD that has a speed of 1.2 GB/sec to 1.4 GB/Sec normally and even if you try hard, you can get an SSD having a speed of 2.2 GB/Sec. So, you can go for SSD, keeping the speed in the mind


If you are worried about the money and want to have a lot of space, then you should go for an HDD. The capacities of HDD vary from 40 GB to 12 TB. You can get a 2TB HDD nowadays easily. But what we will suggest is that do not go for larger HDDs because if in case you lose your data, you will not lose a great amount of your data and money as well. SSD comes in a higher amount and smaller storage capacity, so use an SSD for your OS and use HDD for external storage.


SSDs are very expensive per gigabyte as compared to HDDs, if you want more storage in a small amount of money then you should buy an HDD


Since now you have gone through this article then you must have got the idea of choosing the right external hard drive for your MacBook. By keeping the above points in mind, you can buy your favorite brands HDD or SSD, and as we have said earlier, go for a smaller SSD for installing OS and then use HDD for storage.