Everything you need to know to choose your Wristwatch

It was the time when the wristwatch only served to mark the hours. In today’s modern world, this piece has become a symbol of status, elegance and, above all, a hallmark of masculine personality.

However, because of its strategic importance, you can’t go around using any watch. You have to know how to combine it with the right occasion, with your clothing, the shape of your wrist, and especially your style. For this, some issues must be taken into account when choosing the ideal wristwatch. That’s what we’ll tell you in this post!

Write down some tips to decide which accessory to buy and use:

Appropriate occasion

Wristwatches can be compared to male perfumes: every self-respecting alpha male should have at least three. One for day to day, another for going out and that more elegant, sophisticated and formal for special occasions.

Anyone attending meetings and events daily or formal dinners can’t often wear a rubber sports watch with a colored bracelet, for example. Likewise, those who live in the rush and who can work with a more stripped-down look, with a T-shirt and jeans, do not have to wear a Rolex or Cartier. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to adapt the accessory to the occasion so as not to run the risk of causing an effect contrary to the desired, spoiling all its visual.

Style question

Because it is a symbol of your personality, the wristwatch must establish a connection with its owner. And when that chemistry rolls, you can make good impressions and get attention.

But for that to happen, this accessory needs to conform to the style and costume you choose. When in a suit, opt for a more classic and formal watch with sober colors and analogue dial, Arabic or Roman numerals. On the other hand, in a barbecue or to go to the beach of Bermuda you can choose a more cool and modern, with the colored bracelet, digital display, stopwatch or chronograph, for example.

Selected material

More classic, sober, narrow-case watches, such as Panerai Luminor Marina, that give a greater formality to the user are usually made of leather or similar material. Many fine watches, from luxury brands such as Rolex and Diesel, have noble metal bracelet versions that lend an air of modernity, elegance and sophistication to its owner – especially if it’s gold.

On the other hand, sports models with various functionalities, such as chronometer, tide tables, distance markers, speed, depth and other counters, ask for more relaxation and irreverence. Anyway, the cooler and more stylish, the better (as long as it fulfills well the functions required by you and has a reasonable resistance). Most models of this type are waterproof to withstand various sports such as running, surfing, diving or pedaling without compromising performance.

Clock Size

This is a detail that few people take into consideration when buying a watch. Many believe that the larger it is, the greater the impact on others or the cooler the accessory. But that vision hurts a lot of people. It is not uncommon to see in the streets, at parties or events, thin, thin men with a fine forearm and wrist, wearing huge clocks.

Hopefully this article can help you find the right watch to accompany your days.