5 Windows 10 Tricks & Hacks You Never Know

This is a guest post by Shubham Habib, owner of HackerzTrickz.com

Without a doubt Windows is the leader in terms of market share in the desktop market and as compared to other players in the market it is been constantly developing its features and usability to enhance the user experiencing for its subscribers. The features and new functions in Windows are high in numbers and not so easy to remember or to have a great command over it.

As I mentioned “it is not so easy” but no worries this article is all about easing your Windows user experience. Today I’m gonna clear picture about some of the most useful tip to enhance the user experience while using Windows.

5 useful Windows tips you should know –

  1. Switch to tablet mode –

If you love to use Tablet then you can easily switch your PC to tablet mode. In your Windows 10 there’s a great feature from you’ll be able to do that to turn your PC into touch screen friendly mode, to act that mode you have to first of all go to start menu > settings then you’ll see tablet mode option from there you have to select “When I sign in”.

  1. Search from the start menu –

If you want to access any file quickly then you’re at the right place because from Windows 10 you can that very easily which is very quick and efficient way as compared to old method. Just simply click on the start menu and type the file, app or any other thing you wanna access it will appear in your withing a fraction a second.

  1. Customize the Start menu –

From customization of the Stat menu I mean to say you can change the look of your start menu completely to make it look better and more friendly. To do this you click on Settings > personalization and add your own color for background of start menu. Other great to customize is that you can go to start Tab to hide recent tabs, folder and field. This can lead to make your desktop look way better.

  1. Install updates –

How to get rid of all those regular updates? I know they’re annoying and they disturb you  lot? No problem I’ve got a solution or that from which you can delay those updates for 6 days. Just go to Start menu > settings > updates and notify and choose updates to schedule restart. Thus, you’ll be able to get rid of all those annoying updates.

  1. Play Xbox One Games on PC –

Windows 10 is fused with Xbox One gaming console, which awesome feature of it. If you want to play or activate this feature just open the Xbox One App in your Windows 10 system. Be sure your PC is connected to the same WiFi connection and click on Xbox One symbol to make it appear on your system.

Ending the Article –

From all these this you’ll be able to enhance your windows experience, you can make it more effective, fast and user friendly. All these tips are been mentioned with their respective steps so you won’t face any problem while applying them. Although Windows is filled with great features but I found eh above mentioned tips most useful

Try them it will be surely very useful for you. Get back to me if you have any queries regarding the article.

Hence, was the post on 5 tips to make Windows useful for you. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your review in the comment box.

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