How to Block website in Google chrome browser

Blocking a website means restricting the access to that website. There are tons of website available on the web, some of them are good & some of them are bad. Here bad website refers to those sites which contains 18+ adult contents. It is better to block these types of website. So today in this post we came up with the solution of this problem. Here in this post we are going to share all working method on How to block website in google chrome browser.

Along with irrelevant content these sites also includes lots of advertisement and malware inside it. Whenever a user open’s such type of site in their PC, virus is injected in your system that will corrupt your files. Heard of ransomware’s ? such types of viruses are injected through spammy websites. All you need is to block such type of website from your browser. No worries, Keep reading this post as in the next section we have shared a detailed guide on Blocking website in chrome browser.

How to Block Website in Chrome Browser

Block Website in Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is the most popular google product which provide us with the feature to browse or surf on the web. This website is popular just because of it’s amazing features and among all it’s premium features, “Block a Website” is the best one !

What might be the reason behind blocking a website ?

There are several reason which forces us to block certain website. Blocking a website is sometime useful if you want only specific type of sites to be open by your client or user. Also, if you want to stay away from viruses and malware sites then it is better to block them. Here we are presenting you the main reason behind blocking a site :

  • Many fake websites try to steal your data and afterwards they make use of your data for some illegal purposes
  • As discussed above, Most of the website contains malicious virus in the form of script
  • Website with 18+ adult content needs to be block
  • Most addictive sites like facebook needs to be block for small ages student
  • Few website contains lots of advertisment which irritates the users such type of website needs to be blocked
  • Fake movie downloading sites are also harmful as their download link consist of fake app refer n earn download link

Before proceeding further, here is the short overview of this post. Basically in this post we are going to discuss various methods to block a website specially in chrome browser. All the below list of methods are working, we have tested each and every method on our side. Hope these methods also work for you.

How to Block Website In Google Chrome 

Method 1 : With the help of Block Site Chrome Extension

You can easily block a website in chrome browser with the help of an extension. Here in this method we are using Block Site chrome extension which you can easily download from chrome web store. Just follow the below mentioned steps to know how to block website using this method :

  1. First of all, Click here to download Block Site chrome extension
  2. Next, Add this website to your chrome browser
  3. Now open the website which you want to block in your chrome browser
  4. Right click on your screen
  5. Now you will see a Add to Black List Option there, hit that option
  6. Now it will show you a popup message showing that this site has been blocked
  7. That’s all ! You are done with the blocking method

Here are few tweaks with this method !

  • You can replace the error page by any other page. This can be acheived in setting option of chrome extension
  • Premium version of this extension is also available on the store, if you want top level security then you can also try that one
  • Best one !  You can also block website for specific interval of time
  • Use this extension to discover more of it’s features !!

Method 2 : Personal Blocklist Extension

You can also use this extension to block website in chrome. All you have to do is to install this extension for your pc or computer. Then add this extension & you are ready to rock. Now to block website simply make a search of the website url in the google. On the bottom section of every search result you will see a Bock _ Website name. Just click on that block button, Enjoy entered website is blocked in your browser.

Method 3 : Make use of Third Party Services

This is also an easy method to block website in any browser whether it is chrome or mozilla. Third party software includes various application and software like AntiVirus and Parent Controls etc. You have to just install these software in your pc and you are ready to rock. These software does not allows any malware or virus to entered into your PC.

Method 4 : Block Website using Host File

In this method we make use of host file to block website in chrome browser. Follow below mentioned step by step guide to block any type of website :

  • First of all, You have to sign in your windows admin panel
  • Next you have to open your File Exporer
  • Now go to this destination C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  • Now open a file name HOSTS using your notepad or Notepad ++
  • You have to add this line to block any website 
  • Hit the save button
  • Now reboot your system for checking purpose
  • Now to check, open any browser and make a search of that site which you have blocked in the previous step
  • Boom ! You will see an error message like This site is Blocked by the admin
  • Enjoy


Finally we came to an end to this post on How to block website in Google chrome browser. We have added different method in our list and all the methods are working. Hope these methods also works on your side ! If you get any type of error while applying this process, must shot your queries below using comment section. Our team will reply you soon within few hours !!

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