Top 5 Best Video Editing Software For PC

What is the best free video editing software for beginners? What free video editing software do Youtubers use? What is a good free editing software? What is the best video editing software for Windows 10 free? and plethora other queries rise when you get into research on Video Editing Software for pc. 

Free Video Editing Software For PC

This is the age of a new era where we cannot afford anything in free. But here we share with you the best Video Editing software for pc which is completely free to download and use with regular updates. With the help of these video editing software, one can easily edit their videos professionally without interruptions.

If you are one among those who went for offline or digital coaching in video editing on specific software. Then the client used there is too professional and costs 100’s of dollars as a rental changer from the developers. So to make you free from those charges, Here we bought the best video editing software which is available for Your windows and macOS operating systems of any hardware versions.

#1 OpenShot

The openshot video editor is the number one on our list. As for why? Because of three main reasons as follows.

  1. Completely Free To Use
  2. Open source platform
  3. Available for three variants of Operating Systems.

One can use this video editor on Linux OS, Mac OS and Windows OS for free. Being a free video editor, The app supports all the features which you can find on a professional/paid video editors like Camtasia and sony vegas.

#2 Windows Movie Maker

If you want to use a lightweight and highly configurable video editing software for your windows computer or laptop, Then you can use Windows Movie Maker. Moviemaker is listed here on the list because it is quite popular, easy to use and comes up with simple easy to use interface.

The software can help us to attach videos, split videos, place animation and adding music or audio is quite easy. So to download Movie Maker, All you need to do is just download Windows Essentials software tool which helps you to get Windows Movie Maker on the latest OS of windows.

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#3 HitFilm Express

This is one of the most popular and freely available video editing software which is available with advanced features. Hitfilm express is available for both windows and masOS systems but the software is a little bit tougher under the UI.

Download HitFilm Express 

#4 iMovie

iMovie editor is available only for Mac operating systems. This makes the windows users an optional choice. As there is movie maker available for the Windows operating system with default, Apple developed iMac video editor for their mac os.

This video editor works smoothly and is optimized for Apple devices. If once you use this video editor for a few minutes, Then trust me you’ll get in love using this editing software. this tools also renders the video output faster when compared to another video editor available out there in the markets.

#5 Shortcut

Last but not least, Shortcut is another free video editing software on our list. This simple and professional video editing tool work’s out from its title. Shortcut works much similar to a professional video editing software like premiere pro. A plethora of video effects and other advanced features of video editing tools are pre-buit in shortcut video editing software.

Wrapping up, These were the best Video Editing Software For PC out there as per our research. Hope you found the perfect match of your video editing tool. Make sure to share your impressions about this post in the comments section below and do share this post on your social walls.

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