List Of Best Hacking Movies Ever

Here we share the list of top hacker movies of all time. As we know already, Cinema is a medium that is always ready to spot the day-to-day innovations and the transformations of the world around us. It has successfully managed to cope well with this fact and blend with them strikingly like no other art form the science fiction genre. It has procured mostly from this as we have seen huge and need some substantial changes in the way in which film is involved. 

Movies On Cyber Crime

Hacking is one of the latest additions to this but it is obvious that hacking has played an active role in the film for a long time even though it did not exist than a name. Here is a look at the top hacker movies:

#1 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

The girl with a dragon tattoo is a Swedish biller that deals with a discredited journalist and a mysterious computer hacker when they discover the even that even the wealthiest families have skeletons in their closets.

While working to solve the mystery of a forty-year-old murder they unravel who the sadist’s pleasure by assaulting others physically and sometimes killing the victim.

So effectively done is the poor training of the sadists in this game that no one can resist upon these animals. Even if the mystery is only somewhat interesting the lead characters make this an entertaining watch an excellent clue.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


#2 Who Am I: No System Is Safe

Who am is one of those very rare films from Germany which deals with the serious subject has a serious tone employed and put the peat with international movies in the same magic range.

The film is unique in its way to show the darknet in a very understandable way. It shows imagery to show what is going behind the screen is innovative and is visualized in the way even people without knowledge of the subject can easily understand and finally apply.

Who am i is definitely one of those best german trailers I’ve ever seen and easily one of the best hacker movies of the century.

Who Am I No System Is Safe

#3 The Matrix

The Wachowski is the matrix is in many ways a game changer in the history of cinema. It is one of the best Sci-Fi movies of all time and most certainly the best hacker movie ever. What more do you want if you can hack into the human mind and with that giving an enhancing cinema experience?

The film is aged well over the years and remains an all-time favorite of plethora movie fans out there. A landmark film and quite possibly also an expression of cyberpunk it is a movie experience like no other and it is all about that experience.

The Matrix

#4 Blackhat

Considered by some as the most accurate hacker movie ever, Blackhat is all about a convicted hacker played by Chris Hemsworth who teams up with the FBI to take down a hacker with an elaborate plan to overheat cooling pumps of a nuclear power plant for his own personal profit in the stock market.

The top man is occasionally far than that in any interesting way. Directed by Michel Mann who continues to take genre pieces and dress them up in neat ways. The action is a fantastic show and added some intense in the sequences.

But continually contrasting the real with the digital, This movie makes a standard techno-thriller into something engagingly visioned.


#5 Wargames 

Wargames is a good Ami’s action film that deals with a kid hacking a militaries defense and almost starting a war. However, it falls victim for the change in times, The massively sized computers and all the equipment because most of the lives, Acting is grateful Sheedy. Broderick who work well together as a couple and the story is decent and quite believable.

Now in the age of hacker and supercomputers, The soundtrack has that special 80’s flavor and deserves special attention. It is great fun to watch it now just how much computers have evolved.


Wrapping up, This is our list of the best hacker movies to watch right now. So if you think of any movie which didn’t make the list, Make sure to list it in the comment section below. And do share this post on your social walls so that your well-wishers can chill this night watching a hacker movie.

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