How To Be A Hacker? Become Hacker Step By Step

What course should I do to become a hacker? What are the basic requirements to become a hacker? How to become a hacker in India? How hard it is to become a hacker? and a plethora of other queries rises if you want to step into the hacking field. 

In these recent days, hacking is becoming one of the foremost rapidly growing career choice. With the rapid growth in the technology, Most of us love to hack, find loopholes and fix the bugs by maintaining the systems stable. But most of those have no enough idea to kickstart the process of being a hacker.

How To Be a Hacker Step By Step

Here we share a step by step process to be a hacker. If you’re a beginner into hacking or want to step into this field, here we share the possible methods to step you into hacking. So if you want to learn the basic techniques of hacking, Then there are plethora websites available on the internet which teach you the basics of hacking.

But all the information provided there is at an advanced level. For those noobs who try to learn hacking from those sites am sure that you understand nothing. SO before you step ahead, You need to have enough knowledge of all the basic in hacking.

#1 Computer Skills

To learn to hack, Firstly you need to have enough knowledge of computers. Few basic methods of accessing the internet, DOS commands and their workings, Registry Editors and all the related stuff. Gain enough knowledge of the basics on your own.

#2 Programming Language Skills

If you want to learn hacking or if you want to become a hacker, You need to have enough skills on a few programming languages. Start from the basics of HTML then get into  PHP, JAVA  and other scripting languages.

If you have no knowledge of at least one programming language, then it is sure that you get into tough situations to get into the field of hacking. So make sure to learn at least two programming languages in the first.

#3 Networking Skills

To get into expert hacking, Gain the best knowledge in NETWORKING and its concepts. Know all about TCP, UDP and all the information related to networking. This is all because in an advanced level of hacking all the concepts of networking are not taught by any guides. SO make sure to gain all the basic knowledge in networking.

#4 Linux Skills

If you are highly attracted towards hacking, Then you need to sure how Linux works and learn the programming languages of Linux OS. Without any knowledge of Linux, one cannot know how to hack. It is because Most hacking tools are made for Linux based operating systems rather than the Windows operating system.

#5 Database Skills

To be an expert in hacking, Database knowledge plays a key role. Know all the terms related to Database like, What is a database, How database works and its importance and drawbacks. With database skills, one can create his/her own path to hack a website.

Finally, these were the most important basic skills to be a hacker. So if you want to make a move into the hacking field, Then make sure to be an expert in these listed skills. Hoping that you found this post helpful. And make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this post on your social walls.

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