Top 5 Mobile Phones in 2017

Smartphones play an essential role in our lifestyle. Nowadays smartphones are capable of doing almost every kind of work and made our lives more comfortable. You will have to pay a decent amount of money to get the best one for you, but finding the best one is the main task which is definitely not easy as of now. Because this year several mobile phone companies had launched their best and affordable smartphones in the market, this can cause little confusion while deciding which one is best and meets all your requirements of having a smartphone. But don’t worry, today in this article we’ve gathered Top 5 Mobiles Phones 2017. This article will help you to pick the best one which meets your usage requirements. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Mobile Phones Should by in 2017 without fail

Samsung S7 Edge

There’s nothing wrong in saying that S7 Edge from Samsung is the best mobile of 2017. The device offers latest and updated features with amazing specifications. The device supports micro sd cards up to 200 GB which is huge. You will get the new  Exynos 8890 SoC in S7 edge with four gigs of ram. It doesn’t matter if you are a casual user or a hard code user, the device will not disappoint at any point. It also features AMOLED display which is bright enough even in sunlight and viewing angles are perfect. The camera is also a top notch, and the company hasn’t compromised in build quality as well. So you can think about getting an S7 edge.

One Plus 3


In simple words, all I can say about one plus 3 is that it is an all-rounder. The device features a 16 megapixel back camera which records high definition videos. For the first time, the company has made an all metal smartphone. The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SOC with 6 GB of ram. The amount of ram is enough and would be sufficient for a heavy user. Battery life of this phone is not that great because it has a 3000 MAH battery which will last long only a day. Other than battery there’s nothing major to complain about the One Plus 3. Currently, the device is priced at around Rs 28000. Nothing can beat one plus 3 in this price range. You can find out some rugged one plus 3 cases on firstcases

Mi 5

Xiaomi has managed well to grab the interest of Indian consumers. The device features a 5.15 Inch full HD display and has excellent viewing angles. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SOC which performs decent enough. The 16 Megapixel shooter is fast enough to focus and capture good quality photos. So no complaints regarding the camera. You will get only 3 GB of ram on this device, so you might face some lags while doing heavy tasks. For average users 32 GB of storage enough according to me. Rest it depends on personal experience. You will have a smooth performance and experience with MIUI as it is highly optimized and improved over the recent updates. So think of buying this phone if you are having a limited budget and looking for a good camera and performance.

Huawei P9

The main thing which I love about Huawei p9 is that its camera. It has dual lens camera which is brilliant enough to capture high-resolution photos with a good amount of detailing. Also, it offers great effect for photos by which you can make photos more awesome and realistic. You can also record 1080p videos from this device. The device is powered by  Kirin 955 SoC which is not powerful like Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. But somehow it manages well to deliver great performance while doing multi-tasking. It also offers excellent display and build quality as well. Some people faced some issues with their devices but don’t worry; the Huawei customer care is good enough to handle your problem.

LeEco Le Max 2

LeEco Le Max 2 is the best affordable phone you can get in the Indian market at present. This beast features a 2k display panel with decent viewing angles. It is designed well to handle all kinds of works. This device is also powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SOC which is powerful enough to do all the things. The battery life could have been better on this device because the processor requires more power to deliver great performance. It has a 21 Megapixel camera in the back which is not high end but still you can capture good photos with it. Decent amount of detailing in good lighting conditions and also selfies captured from this device are impressive. Build quality is alo good enough. Overall a good device with affordable price tag.


Hope, You all have gathered lot of information on mobiles phones which are the best in 2017. If you have any doubts leave a comment on comment box.