iPhone Benifits Over Android [iPhone vs Android]

An iPhone is too much expensive than an Android smartphone. But most people love to use/buy one. You might encounter a plethora of situations where you get judged over an android with your iPhone friend. So if you want to know the benefits of iPhone over Android then you have landed on the right place. 

iPhone Benefits Over Android

#1 Status

Firstly let us start with the most popular benefits which nothing more than expressing your status. Plethora iPhone users out there express their status with their devices. And few think, Using an iPhone can make them look richer and powerful. But, Whatever the reason might be the iPhone reveals your status.

Agree or don’t, If you hold an iPhone 7 or 8 these days can prove that you belong from a dignified family and are rich. This is the reason why most people who are rich in fame and asserts always buy an iPhone and use iDevices only.

#2 Look/Design

Another major benefit of iPhone over Android is it looks and design. This is the most acceptable fact that Apple’s iPhone provides decent look and designs when compared over android. Apart from the look and design, When you compare iPhone over androids performance. iPhone lasts longer than any android device released from a famous manufacturer. The design, Look, Build quality and those premium looks of an iPhone last longer than regular Android device.

#3 Ecosystem

The interconnection of all the apple products like iPad, iPhone, and other devices creates a linked ecosystem which isn’t available by any other mobile manufacturer out there in the markets. This is nothing but, Suppose if you own an applMacBookok and an iPhone then you can access your mobile through MacBookok. This is the major effect of all the Apple devices. Users can connect any iDevice with another variant of the device and all are commonly optimized under hardware and software paths.

#4 Operating System

There is no negotiable amount of ram to be installed on an Android device to make it not to lag. No one can make an android device lag free. In the same sense, All the iPhone of any version or variant never lags. This is all because of the difference in their operating systems.

In any digital device, An operating system plays a major role in the performance of the device. Whenever you’ve purchased a new Android device, You can see a plethora of boltware apps is pre-installed on the device. But when compared to iPhone the system is well optimized in performance and cleanly arranged.

#5 Security

The final major reason why a plethora of smartphone users seek their interests in iPhone is because of its security. Yes! the Android operating systems are not much secure than an iPhone’s IOS operating system. Let’s assume that there is some confidential data store in your android device, Then there are plethora methods to unlock the device and steal the valuable information out from it. Where an iPhone has not more than two to three ways to unlock and no one can access the data under any circumstance without unlocking the device.

These were the major reasons why iPhone Benefits Over Android. We hope you learned something new through this post and make sure to share the reasons why you love iPhone over Android in the comments section below. And do share this post on your social walls and help us to reach out this valuable information to others.

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