Games to Try for People Struggling With Anxiety

Being anxious all day, every day can really bring you down. It can impact your daily productivity and even turn sour your personal life and relations. Suffice to say this is no way to live. For a fuller life then, it is essential that we learn to manage our anxieties. It is more common an issue than we’d like to believe and the good thing is that there is help available.

Games to Try for People Struggling With Anxiety

The thing is though that when you’re trapped in the cycle, it’s hard to get out. Breaking these habits is not easy but we’re sure these simple games will prove effective in getting your anxiety under control. All you need is a fast internet connection like RCN internet and you’re good to go. So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try, the worst that can happen is you’ll have a fun time!

Home Sheep Home

Counting sheep is a relaxing activity that helps one sleep. Using the same concept perhaps, developers came up with Home Sheep Home. The game revolves around three sheep of various sizes named Timmy who is tiny, Shaun who is mid-sized and Shirley who is overweight. Your task is to use the swings and see-saws lying around to guide these innocent animals back to the farm.

These adorable creatures are sure to bring your stress levels down but beware, the levels are only going to get difficult. Then again, a game that consumes the mind is exactly what one needs when you’re overwhelmed. What’s more, the relaxing music and enchanting gameplay are sure to help you manage anxiety.

Monument Valley

The game style and quality of Monument Valley is sure to get anyone hooked to the game. And, the calming music will have your heart beat under control. All you have to do is help Princess Ida in navigating her way through optical illusions and peculiar geometry. So, what are you waiting for? An epic adventure awaits!

Jigsaw Puzzle

A good puzzle is always fun. The familiar nature of it will bring back some good old times and the new puzzles set before you will help you focus and calm down. We’re sure you don’t need an explanation of how the game works, you’re sure to have played it a ton of times. The only difference now is that you won’t lose any of the pieces!

Mario Kart

When it comes to anxiety, an embrace from something that once brought us comfort, goes a long way. It reminds you of the good old times and motivates you to do better. And, if you’re someone that would love the long drive but don’t want to deal with people, nothing could be better than a healthy dose of Mario Cart. Making your way through the obstacle is sure to help you manage your troubled mind.

Alto’s Adventures

Who doesn’t love snowboarding, especially in a video game where you won’t end up bruising yourself? Well, if you’re interested be sure to check out Alto’s adventures.

As you immerse yourself in the serene snowboarding game you’ll find all your worries melt away. The relaxing music you listen to as you jump over the hills will calm you and help reduce the stress. Guaranteed to keep you anxiety at bay, this game is available on both, iOS and Android.

Paper Toss

Who hasn’t crumpled up papers in frustration and thrown it in the bin? While it seems pointless as it solves nothing, it does have a certain calming effect. Then again, there’s only so much paper that you can waste this way which is why, we’d suggest you download Paper Toss right away.

It allows you to simply pick a piece of paper and crumple it. Once you’re done, you can use different techniques to throw it in the trash can. You may think it won’t give you the real experience but we promise, the games stunning graphics will have you feeling right in the middle of the grueling day at office in no time.

Personal Zen

Helping you find your center, Personal Zen is the app to have when struggling with stress and anxiety. The game revolves around two sprites, one friendly and the other angry. The game instructs the players to focus on the friendly sprite and follow his path. As the sprite burrows, you follow him. The game is intriguing and given the research put into it, you know you’re putting your time to good use. This one is a must try!

Final Words

There you go! With these games on your phone, anxiety will think twice before creeping through your mind. Mental health is extremely important and while getting to a good place may seem a difficult task, it’s important to remember that the little efforts you put in towards it matter. Sure, these are just games but they will brighten up your day and improve your mood and that’s a good start!