Use Utopia P2P Ecosystem! Hide Your Privacy!

Privacy is one of the most important values in recent years. Our data, and therefore ourselves, have become a commodity that are sold and bought without our demand. 

Many of us are uncomfortable with this state of affairs. Therefore, we want to securely hide our identity and our network preferences from the interference of unauthorized persons. Now it is possible, thanks to the use of Utopia P2P Ecosystem, a closed decentralized system with a 100% guarantee of data security!

Utopia P2P Ecosystem is a closed, multi-functional network, built on the principle of decentralization, which has all the necessary tools for all kinds of online user activities, such as:

  • Anonymous messenger – uMessenger, encrypts every text and voice message of the user. Also, it is possible to create group chats, or private, access to which will have only the sender and recipient. The user can add stickers and emoticons, as well as create channels and mark them on uMap;
  • Email – uMail, protects business correspondence of users. The system supports the transfer of files and documents of any format;
  • Browser – Idyll, allows surfing the Internet without leaving traces on sites. Utopia – is closed system where all necessary sites are already created and located. Thanks to tunnel data each user can create and add the new sites;
  • E-wallet – uWallet, provides any financial transactions on the Internet, thanks to the cryptocurrency – Crypton. Cryptons are stored in an electronic wallet and can be used to pay for anything on the Internet. Another interesting feature – the Mining bot which allows earning cryptons for every 15 minute Internet session.

All this functionality, the user can use without the risk of data leakage!

 Why is that?

  • Privacy

This is possible because Utopia uses a unique complex of data encryption, which is built on the principle of the peer-to-peer network. This means that the system does not use a single server to store user data. Now each user is both a client of the system and a server on which his data is kept. 

  • Security

In addition, the ecosystem uses multi-level encryption built on Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES, which provide storage and data security. This method is the safest and most advanced in our time!

  • Anonymity

An important advantage of the system is the complete anonymity of users. When registering, a person does not need to enter their data such as name, phone number, email address, payment system. Access to information provides a personal key that is generated for each user separately. In addition, this key is the nickname of the user.

  • Convenience

The user-friendly interface of the system will help each user to integrate into the new space faster. To do this, he can choose the theme of the system. At the moment, there are two options: white and black. The user can use the ecosystem absolutely from any device that has access to Wi-Fi, it can be both IOS and Windows and Linux.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Do-Or-Die!

Don’t waste time on unverified Internet assistants who lose your trust. Take the solution to online security problems into your hands! Use Utopia P2P Ecosystem and control your data and personal information yourself!