Strategies to Find the Right Project Manager for Your Business

Project managers are in charge of handling every single aspect of the project. They ensure that everything will work towards the achievement of its objectives. From mobilizing the right people and allocating resources to dealing with unexpected challenges and meeting timelines, they are the ones who have the responsibility of bringing the project to a successful end.

Given the critical role of project managers, sensible business owners know that it’s crucial to find the right individuals for the job. Starting from the preparation of your job ad, to planning interview questions for project managers, every phase of the recruitment process should be focused on getting competent persons on board.

Be Upfront with What You Need

Your company should avoid putting out job advertisements for the position with generic descriptions of qualities that you’re looking for. Instead of going with the usual “must have leadership qualities” or “has excellent communication skills,” try to be more specific in your approach.

Think about the particular requirements that you need from your project manager with the actual project that he or she will be handling. While you may get fewer responses, the upside is you will have a pool of applicants who are both interested and experienced in your business venture. The chances of finding someone who can manage the project successfully will be higher. 

Skip the Essay

Many companies include essay questions in their online application, but what exactly can you get from these essays? Apart from giving your applicants a difficult time, you will also waste time going through what they write. If you’re testing their writing skills, you can ask them for samples of reports or any written works.

Ask the Right Questions

Interview questions for project managers should be related to the skills that you’re looking for. Below are some questions that you may ask to evaluate the applicants’ core competencies:

  • Knowledge and Experience – “Can you cite three major challenges you faced as a project manager, and how did you overcome them?” This question would give you an idea of how the applicants’ views project management and their ability to handle and resolve problems.
  • Ability to Communicate – “What communication issues did you experience on your most recent project, and how did you handle them?” By asking this, you can gauge the applicants’ communication style and their ability to address such concerns. Note that proper communication is vital to the success of any venture. Project managers should be able to communicate well with their team members, including clients and stakeholders, for a successful outcome.
  • Leadership – “How did you handle difficult employees in your previous projects?” This question will reveal the ability of the applicants to manage people, even the difficult ones. Ideally, everyone should get along and be obedient to complete the project without any issue. In the real world, however, personalities tend to clash, and it’s the duty of the project manager to rally the team to work together.
  • Flexibility – “How do you handle unexpected changes in project direction?” A good project manager should be able to adapt to circumstances beyond his control readily. Apart from flexibility, the question will also help you gauge the person’s talent in thinking on his feet.

The items above are just some of the strategies that you can adopt to make it easier for you to find the right person for the job. Once you find your project manager, assist him by getting LiquidPLanner, an intelligent project management software that improves management and communication.