How to pay Gujarat e challan online?

The Union Government has made huge strides in building and improving road and transport infrastructure in India. Part of this concerted effort is aimed at regulating the movement of vehicles within and between states. Road safety and discipline not only saves lives, it also causes less disruption to businesses that rely on road transport of goods. Recently, the Union Government revised the penalties imposed for traffic violations. By raising the quantum of fines and the terms of imprisonment for serious offences, the Government expects that there will be stricter compliance with traffic regulations that will benefit the public and economy at large.

What is an E-Challan?

In line with the effort to ensure better road safety and discipline, E-Challan has been introduced in all states of India. What does this mean?

E-challan makes it possible to view traffic violation charges, pay fines and contest violations through an online portal. By making it easier to access challans, the Government can not only expect stricter observance of traffic laws, it can also spend less time and manpower recovering fines and penalties or explaining traffic violation charges and providing evidence to motorists in person. Vehicle owners can expect to find the following details online:

  • Video footage and photos of the violation (evidence)
  • Detailed description of the violation
  • Penalty or fine associated with the violation
  • Status of e-Challan

As is seen commonly in developed countries, CCTV cameras are installed at strategic locations to check speeding and other traffic violations such as speaking on the phone while driving, not wearing seatbelts, lane jumping and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Paying Gujarat E-Challan Online

Every state in India has its own E-Challan portal that allows residents of the state to make payments against their e-challan online, eliminating the need to stand in long queues and contest or pay penalties for violations in person.

There are two options to pay e-challans online in the state of Gujarat:


  1. Log onto the Parivahan website by using any one of the following details:
  • Gujarat RTO challan number
  • Driving Licence Number
  • Vehicle Number
  1. Enter the captcha code presented to you.
  2. The details of the traffic violation along with photo of video footage, date and time stamp and description of the violation along with the penalty will be provided.
  3. After you check the details and can confirm the violation, proceed to make the payment of the fine.

E-Challan App

  1. Install the e-Challan Gujarat App on your device
  2. Enter your challan number, driving licence number or vehicle number accurately
  3. Upon entering your vehicle details, your history of traffic violations will show up along with outstanding challan payments
  4. You can make the payment within the e-Challan app itself.

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