IRCTC Registration – How to Create a New IRCTC Account?

In a world where booking tickets is done with just a fingertip, the use of the smartphone has been an integral part of everyday life. With the advancement of technology, every individual’s approach to booking railway tickets has changed gradually. The world has become more digitalized and hence, the ticket-booking method too has changed with time. IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd is the subsidiary of the railway of India. You can now book tickets by creating an IRCTC account. In fact, by any chance, if you wish to cancel your tickets, you will be able to do that too. It provides online tickets, Tatkal Booking, and Tourism. For the ones interested in creating IRCTC account, here’s welcoming you in this guide. This guide will enlighten you about the safest way of creating an account on the IRCTC registration. To know more on how to create an account on the IRCTC registration, keep reading on.

An Introduction to IRCTC:

IRCTC happens to be a railway catering and tourism corporation of India. It is capable of catering the online ticket booking services of the Indian Railway. By availing this particular platform, individuals would be able to book the tickets online. This helps them in traveling travel anywhere and everywhere in the country. In case you happen to be a new user and are quite unfamiliar about the process of creating an account on IRCTC registration, then here you would be able to get the best way of doing so. The entire procedure includes four major steps. To know them in brief, keep reading on.

First Off – Create an Account in IRCTC:


First off, you can create an account in the IRCTC account and can fill the required details. As a matter of fact, you have to make sure that your valid register email and the mobile number at the registration time. You can also sign up an account on the IRCTC.

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Second off – You have to Check the Availability Status and Book the Seat:

STEP 1: You need to open the web address and then enter the user ID as well as password in order to log in and then access the IRCTC booking portal. You can even enter the destination as well as arrival station name.

STEP 2: You will find a column mentioned ‘From Station’. There, you are required to enter the name of the station from where you have to start the journey.

STEP 3: The next step that you are required to do is to choose the journey date and then tap on the option saying ‘Find train’. This will help you check the availability of certain trains which are present in between the starting & the ending point.

STEP 4: You, now, are required to schedule the train and class that can suit you the best for the journey. As a matter of fact, the class in railway standard means the coach or safely termed as the following:

  • SL – SL or sleeper class is the class where you will have to book the train tickets in advance (or tatkal). However, according to the information, half percent of the number of people book tickets in this class even without reservations.
  • 1A – This happens to be the first tier AC class where you’ll get wooden and furnished compartments. This class happens to be somewhat like the five-star hotel rooms.
  • 2A – This happens to be the second class compartment where you would get close-to-services when compared to the 1A class. Basically, these compartments are like three-star hotels.
  • 3A – This particular class is like the general class but what differentiates it from the general class compartments is the availability of air conditioning system.
  • 2S –This happens to be the second sitting where you would be able to reserve the tickets in advance too. These are generally present in the day trains and in the short distance trips too.
  • CC
  • GN –GN happens to be the general bogie which is known as the second class coach. Here, you will have to get the tickets right on the journey date! Most of the people consider it as the free bogie and they even travel without booking any ticket!

STEP 5: The fifth step here includes you clicking on the charge of ‘check availability & fare’. But you can do this right after choosing train coaches respectively.

STEP 6: This will help you check the status of the seat availability as well as display number of available seats. You can even choose other coaches in case you don’t find any availability of the seats there. However, you should make sure of paying more or less ticket fair, for the fairs are different for different classes.

STEP 7: Now, you are required to click on the ‘Book Now’ and then fill the details of the passenger.

STEP 8: Upon filling the details of the passenger, you are required to click on the button mentioning ‘Continue Booking’.

STEP 9: Right after that, on the next page, you will get some booking details. Upon clicking on the ‘Continue Booking’ option, you will get this.

STEP 10: Now that you are done with step 9, you are required to make your payment accordingly.

STEP 11: After the completion of payment, you will be able to see your Booking Status right on your screen alongside details pertaining to booked seat and passenger.

Wrap Up:

Now that you know the step by step guide to create your new account on the IRCTC registration, you can proceed effortlessly. You will have to make sure that you fill the form correctly without making any mistake. You are also required to proceed step by step without omitting any steps in between. Thus, this compiles everything related to creating an account on the IRCTC registration. This will help you book tickets more seamlessly. Hopefully, you can now proceed effectively and create your new account on the IRCTC registration. To know more on this front, keep watching this space.