Cloud Server vs. VPS vs. Dedicated Server

Cloud servers and VPS are terms that are used interchangeably by ignorant users who pay little heed to their. Apart from the price tag, there is much difference between these terms such as cloud server, VPS or a dedicated server. VPS hosting is an abbreviation of a virtual private sector. Let’s have a look at different aspects that differentiate a cloud server from VPS and a dedicated server.

Cloud Servers vs. VPS

Cloud servers utilize multiple clusters that are connected together which is backed by SAN storage. Customers will be utilizing cloud platform and benefit from multiple servers. As compared to VPS they add more server power in just a moment’s notice. In cloud servers, clients can also include firewalls, custom network infrastructure and IP deployment. Even if a physical server ever fails these cloud servers are migrated to other physical servers without experiencing any impediment or an outage. It is completely secure as compared to VPS as you can have your own server. Every customer has the power to select their own specific operating system as well in cloud servers.

Cloud servers are however considered a little more expensive than VPS hosting. File or data access among other VPSs clients do not occur as they are kept separate.VPS hosting can even be rebooted without affecting any other VPS on the same shared server. This facility is not intricately available for cloud server users.

Dedicated server vs. cloud server

If you need to optimize your IT performance without incurring huge expenses that are related to managing, purchasing a fully developed infrastructure, then cloud servers are a great option. They can be configured accordingly to provide levels of performance that are similar to those of a dedicated server. Economically also you can benefit by sharing this hardware with other customers. Payment for the exact amount used needs to be done which saves a lot of wastage. You can also avoid paying for idle infrastructure costs when the demands are low.

Dedicated servers are physical serves that are purchased or rented for particular business needs. They are efficient and suitable for large businesses and organizations that require high levels of data security. A business that is prone to using I/0 heavy applications such as big data platforms and databases also find this type of server for efficient and suitable for their needs. In a cloud server auto-scaling, auto-provisioning and auto-management tools are readily available via the community-driven open development API. In dedicated servers, one may have to wait for the vendor-driven development to access these tools.

Cloud serves can also lead to quick resources procurement online within minutes, but in the case of dedicated server one may have to wait for longer period of time. Compartmentalizing the resources enables easy accessibility and it can be achieved cost-effectively in the cloud, but it may take much more time and money when it comes to dedicated hardware.

All three formats of cloud servers, VPS and dedicated servers have their own specialties and cons. One needs to analyze them assiduously before choosing it.