7 Best Link Building Strategies For Brand New Websites

So your new website is finally ready for launch after weeks of effort and considerable investment! However, this does not guarantee that you will be able to get traffic and drive conversions for it. Unless you are able to score high on these parameters, sustenance and growth cannot be achieved for your business. Primarily, you will need to get your website on the top of search ranking to be visible to the target audience and fetch traffic for it.

Link building is the right strategy to do so but you need to understand that you may need to strategize differently as compared to the conventional tactics. This difference is attributed to the fact that you need to build trust in your new site so that Google takes you up there. Using irrelevant techniques can cause you to lag behind while the right ones can get you the desired results within the optimal time frame. Here are the best strategies that you should follow.

Prioritize high-quality links

The golden rule for brand new sites is to prioritize quality with their link building strategy. The reason is simple- this is the single most important parameter that Google will regard to visualize your website as a trusted one. Low quality links can do more harm than good because they do not get across trust signals and may even make you appear as spam. Quality, therefore, is paramount when it comes to getting backlinks for your site.

Consolidate your local presence

A good local presence is mandatory for a new website because this is where you have a great chance to build a local base and push the initial growth. The best way to do this is by submitting the site to the relevant local directories. Make sure that you showcase your presence across quality directories because this increases your visibility to the relevant users who search locally for products and services that are similar to the ones you offer.

Submit press releases to PR sites

Another useful tip to promote a new website with quality links is by submitting press releases to PR sites. Ensure that your press release is newsworthy and promotes your brand, its launch, product, services or events. Optimize it for dissemination and have it published on quality sites that have a wide audience. This can be a great strategy because it can fetch you good traffic and serve promotional benefits as well.

Go social as well

As a new website, you will need to avail professional expertise to resolve your link building problems. Experts will recommend going beyond SEO link building and exploring a wider audience with an extended social reach. It gets immediate traffic to the website and also strengthens your link building strategy by getting a link influx for your site. Create share-worthy content and posts that are capable of getting good engagement across social channels.

Explore blogging

Nothing can be more valuable for a new website than fresh content being updated on a regular basis. It gets the spiders to index frequently that give you better chances to climb the search rankings. The other major benefit of blogging is that you get the opportunity to serve valuable information to the users and develop trust in your brand and its products/services.

Leverage guest blogging

Beyond refreshing your on-site blog, you can also leverage guest posting to fortify your link building strategy. Search for authoritative guest blogging sites in your domain and pitch them for submitting blogs on them. Furnish quality content that is written while adhering to their publishing guidelines. Having content on niche-relevant authority blogs not only works wonders for your backlink profile but also gets you qualified leads for your website.

Offer giveaways to influencers

Popularizing a new business is never easy and this applies to new websites as well. It would be a good idea to entice the industry influencers with giveaways in exchange of an endorsement for your brand. Connect with influencers with good following and a solid reputation because even a single link from them will be worth a fortune.

Besides following these strategies, be patient with your efforts because even the best tactics cannot deliver immediate results for your online presence. Consistency is the key and you should continue with your efforts even when the results do not seem to be coming at a rapid pace. Also, make sure that you trust only expert professionals to handle the task for your site because its initial growth and stability are essential for the long-term success of your business.