Tips On How To Improve The Security Of Your Home

Home security has become a hot topic recently with police chiefs admitting that they simply can’t investigate all burglary attempts, forcing homeowners to consider what they can do to improve the security of their homes themselves. As burglars become more sophisticated there is often little evidence for the police to follow meaning that successful convictions are improbable and furthermore, any investigation is unlikely to result in the return of the stolen items. Whether your budget is big or small there are things you could be doing to improve the security of your home today to help give your family peace of mind.

Leave a light on a timer

This is a good hack all year round but can be especially helpful when you’re away from home for long periods, such as whilst on holiday, and your property is empty. By using a plug in timer with a lamp attached, you can programme the lamp to turn on and off at various intervals making it appear that somebody is home. This could act as a great deterrent as a would-be burglar could well be discouraged from trying to break into the property if he thought it was occupied. It’s also a very cheap, quick and easy fix for your security worries.

Install a home alarm system

The ultimate burglar deterrent has to be the humble home alarm.  Burglar alarms have long been a popular choice for homeowners interested in protecting their properties and it’s not difficult to see why. Few people can ignore the frankly ear splitting noise emitted from these systems when activated and with the interest drawn from neighbours and passers-by, intruders are far less likely to continue with their attempt to break in.

Many people today are buying DIY home alarms and installing the systems themselves. This is an extremely cost effective way of implementing a security alarm and is set up to enable you to maintain the system yourself, allowing homeowners to skip expensive monthly maintenance fees.

If you’re less than handy you don’t need to miss out. There are many professional security system installation companies who will install and set up the entire system for you, fully ensuring that your home is thoroughly protected from intruders. Whilst this would be the more expensive option, those looking for the convenience of having the alarm set up without their needing to climb up a ladder or read a 30 page manual are likely to be willing to spend the extra money.

Introduce security cameras

Going hand in hand with home alarms is the security camera. These can be installed both internally and externally in your home to capture intruders attempting to enter your property without permission, taking video footage which you can then use to assist the police with their investigation. Ideally a burglar would be discouraged from even trying to enter your home if they could clearly see that cameras were watching them, however should they decide to proceed with their theft, your camera would act as excellent evidence when trying to track the assailants down.

Encourage your dog to bark

Whilst it shouldn’t be encouraged to buy/adopt a dog simply for home security purposes, if you already have a family pet you could find that you also already have a free burglar deterrent living under your roof. Burglars rely on stealth to enter and exit a property without being detected, however if you can encourage “Buster” to bark when strangers try to breach your security, you may find that this is enough to scare off thieves.

Consider your driveway options

If you plan to update your driveway in the future, consider swapping quiet grass for noisy gravel/stones. It’s much more difficult for an intruder to be quiet if they have to walk over a loud surface to reach your property. This could also give you a heads up in advance of any invasion giving you time to prepare for an altercation.

Having a robust security system in place is becoming a high priority for many of us, and with so many options available, there’s no reason for you to be unprotected.