3 Must-Haves for Your Website to Create a Good First Impression

A website is the front-man of any business. Before customers talk to a representative or even send inquiries, they interact with your website. True enough, but whatever first impression your customer gets from your business, is first attributed to your site. This is why so many brands and companies try to ensure their website doesn’t just sit idly in virtual space.

Most business owners spend a lot so that their website never fails to create a good impression on both existing and prospective customers. If you share these concerns, a few tips on how your website should look will help you a great deal. So, here are three things your website must have so it creates a lasting impact.

A Responsive Design Always Brings in Visitors

Can you still remember the time back when you had to scroll left and right just so you would see the content of the entire web page? It’s almost history now. However, there still are websites that use obsolete web designs without integrated, responsive pages. This means when you access a website from a smartphone, texts and images are either too small, or they only fit a quarter of the page on the screen.

This is a ‘big no’ and can be so annoying for people that it will have customers clicking the exit button faster than the speed of sound. So, if you’re planning to hire a company specializing in web design beaverton or, make sure that you inquire whether the websites they develop are responsive. Better yet, take a look at sites they’ve developed and use your own device to access them to see if the websites created by them easily adapt to any size of the screen or device.

Fast Loading Time Affects Your Click-through Rates

If your website is full of all the latest web technologies but fails to load faster, you’d end up losing to your competitor. People today are so busy that they don’t have so much time to wait for a homepage to load all its elements fully. A good practice that web design Beaverton companies adopt is to utilize a content delivery network (CDN). This allows website data to be streamed from an external repository. Thus, the loading time is reduced, and the website can be accessed faster. It is all the more important for websites that have images and videos of large sizes.

Every Website Should be Easy to Navigate

Your website must be able to meet the needs of your audience. This means if you sell ceramic ware to women who range between the ages of 40 to 60 years, you have to make sure they’re able to find what they plan to purchase from your website. Determine what the most important things you want your customers to find are.

This often includes products and services, and a contact form where your customers could leave their queries. A website user must not have a hard time trying to navigate through your website, and if so, you’ll lose them right away.

When hiring a website developer to build a website from the ground up, make sure it offers device adaptability, loads fast, and is easy to navigate.