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15 Simple Social Media Resolutions For 2013

Social Media is fast becoming the most contagious activity over the globe. This popularity is rampant, prevalent in adults, teenagers, young children and even adults. Social media has evolved from being nothing to being everything as of today. It is more visited than news websites and other helpful sites. This is because it offers great entertainment value. Of course, like everything else, it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. People are often misconceived that social media has more advantages than disadvantages, but that is not true. However, if you son want to let the bug of social media bite you really hard to adversely affect your lifestyle and productivity at work then  is a list of the 15 simple social media resolutions for 2013 that you can follow to maintain the balance of fun and decorum in your lifestyle.

Simple Social Media Resolutions For 2013

I Won’t Add the World

When social media sites were new there was a craze around how many friends one would make and hence as a result of that people would add any relatable acquaintance as their friends or probably follow anyone to be on the media tool. This year decide to choose only the people who you really know and make a difference to you in some way.

I Won’t Post All Photos

It is very essential to maintain your privacy. You never know who is tabbing you. It could be harmful, especially uploading photos. Beware of the kind of photos you upload. Do not let out secrets.

I Will Reduce the Time I Spend On All These Tools

Social media can waste a lot of time, so fix a time slot which does not affect your daily chores and productivity in any odd way.

Use Inbox More Than Public Messages

It is better to use the inbox to send messages than letting the entire world know about the conversations or plans you are making.

Be Regular If It Helps Me

If you have an a blog running on any social media tool then make sure to be more regular, any activity that helps you should be done regularly on these tools.

Bolster My Business

If you have a business website and desire to promote then go all out on the social media tools. These are free and time saving, offering scope for free online business marketing.

Look For Clients

Whatever maybe your product or service, of you seek to search for more clients then increase your rounds on social media sites to find the correct leads.

I will learn to have fun

Are you bored with life, if yes, then fun is just a click away. Social media sites offer superb entertainment and scope to gossip about. Learn to have fun cause its free fun.

I Will Comment Lesser

If new things, posts, photos and statuses are posted on social media sites, avoid commenting on all. The more you comment, the more information you tend to dole out about yourself.

Improve My Profile

Your profile speaks volumes, it tells many things about you, directly and indirectly. Thus, make changes to your profile, edit and cut the unnecessary and add the value giving information. This could be the case for LinkedIn where an updated profile can help you by leaps and bounds.

I Will Try Drawing Value from Social Media

Drawing some value addition from social media is difficult as it is quite hollow unless you have heavily monitored your activities, profile and friends from the beginning. Try finding a cause to visit. Something that will help somewhere, help you learn something new or impart good knowledge to you.

Never Post My Photo as My Display Picture

This is the first thing to do this 2013. Remove your photo from the display picture and add anything else to it as a cover picture or a display to conceal the details about who you are. Make sure to post simple photos even if you decide to do so.

Business Getter

If you are business getter than an honest suggestion would be to simply add a new account whichever portal as a pure professional business account. This will add a sense of professionalism to your existence on the social media site.

I Will Not Use Social Media T Work If I Want A Promotion

For all your social media fans there is some bad news, research shows that social media can reduce your productivity by 25%. Thus, stop having fun in office if you desire a promotion this year.

Make a Difference

If you don’t see people doing meaningful things around, you can pick up the flag and start making a difference by posting good videos and material to read.

Promote Someone

If you know someone who has started a business then go out and help them. All you need to do is use your mouse more effectively like their comment, repost their tweet, share their stuff for more people to view and make a difference to their business. Some social service will do you no harm, right?

Be upright

The moment you see anything useful be it in terms of social life, lifestyle, health, nutrition, interesting facts that could help and change the way people behave, do like and share with the rest. Spreading the good word around will add up your good karmas and help you get some real meaning out of social media.

These are some of the social media resolution that one should adopt in this New Year 2013. Try some, you need not try all. Using these will reduce the evils caused by these mediums to the society and the world at large. Social media can be a great combination of fun, work, contact and relationships but to use it effectively by striking the right kind of balance is not an easy task. Take a shot of what you did with social media this year and think about what you intends to do now. Even if you implement 5 form the list above you would be making a difference somewhere.

Author’s Bio-The author is a blogger and a professional writer from India. He is working on his latest technology blog at Follow him on twitter @blogorida.

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