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Review: Samsung Galaxy S Dous S-7562

Samsung Galaxy S Dous:

Samsung Galaxy S Dous is an medium budget mobile with an great features and hardware system. The double feature of Samsung Galaxy S Dous is the “Duel SIM” and matching keyword as Samsung Galaxy S DOUS.


How often it feels for a traveling person to leave home place and go, were you will be rated with the roaming charges. Now with Samsung Galaxy S Dous all that head aces had been gone, the DUEL SIM SMARTPHONE is here. Samsung Galaxy S Dous is comfortable with 2 SIM cards, dial into facility with both networks at same time. The DUEL SIM facility is really very good for a users who regularly have a foreign trips, can switch in the SIM card of foreign provider while in foreign and back to abroad switch back to the another SIM card. This is the only possible scenario. Samsung Galaxy S Dous is also very often used by the employees who want to supple a mobile contact and the employee wants to use a personal contract at a time.

Now-a-days, it’s only increasing the DUEL SIM valued mobile in the market, but the striking point is many of the available smart phones are highly ended smart phones. Fare with Samsung Galaxy S Dous its hardware & only thing is how viable is the DUEL SIM feature in daily life.

Samsung Galaxy S Dous also stays on the line and the device does not use any metal material on the casing were we have seen frequently in the other smart devise’s. The display is encompasses and entire body is made up of plastic, that will definitely effect in the weight. Weight of Samsung Galaxy S Dous represents of 120 grams (including the weight of battery), this is 13 grams lower than that of Samsung galaxy SIII. Only good feature is the white battery lid which makes fingerprints invisible. Coming into the screen of Samsung Galaxy S Dous, for this type of device’s a  type of screen is installed. Which Samsung Galaxy S Dous is not only the display of screen but also the silver plastic surface texture which strongly blushes the aluminum. For sure the plastic material used is the poly-carbonate.

The both volume and power button’s at pressure is okay and for home button’s pressure is usual which feel better. Samsung Galaxy S Dous looks similer to the GALAXY SIII because of the design and positing of buttons. But can be differentiation with the dimensions, Samsung Galaxy S Dous is not slim as GALAXY SIII, Samsung Galaxy S Dous is really so comfortable to use it with one hand because the reason its low width and height.


As we said the GALAXY SIII and Samsung Galaxy S Dous look similar, excluding the size. As for all Samsung devices have  USB 2.0 port at the Smartphone bottom is placed which can be use for the charging the device or connecting  with your PC. And a common feature is its 3.5 mm jack on the top of the device. And at right of the device there’s an micro SD card slot which supports up to 32GB, Samsung Galaxy S Dous has just a little internal memory containing 1.78GB. Here Samsung do not supply Samsung Galaxy S Dous with a large memory.

Samsung Galaxy S Dous delivers with android 4.0.4 i.e. the Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung Galaxy S Dous comes with few preinstalled software’s like chatON, Samsung apps and game hub. Bloatware, this app delivers HRS – Hotel Reservation Service , my taxi, hero, shopping and the similear like apps are preinstalled.

Samsung Galaxy S Dous can completely go bigger with their most relevant competitors, such as sony experia tipo duel, in words of duel sim features. Wi-Fi module is of  802.11 b/g/n which is a standard one. Fast internet connection which is must and should require of this type of smart phone. So, it delivers a HSDPA unit data with transfer rate of 7.2 mb/s.

The Bluetooth 3.0 with a-gps is also found in this Smartphone’s connectivity section. The gps of the device detects the singles immediately though if in indoor areas.


The highlighting feature of this device is the DUEL SIM card used at a time. Samsung Galaxy S Dous comes with 2 cameras installed 1 for the occasional snaps and the other for the video or for 3G calls. The main camera offers a good standard quality of 5 Megapixels and a 4x optical zoom. And the secondary camera which is at the front top of the device and it offers a 0.3 MP. Don’t worry it more enough for the app’s like skype calling and 3G calling’s. The lacking back of Samsung Galaxy S Dous is in the video recording were it can only record and play videos of resolution 640X480 pixels with the both front and main cameras. The main camera also featured with an auto-focus and LED flash, which helps you to take snaps even at dark pareses.

As Samsung and its trend of the accessories for smart phones. With their words “less is more”, here we  find charger coad, an additional cable to connect with your PC and a user manual. Though we keep on finding into the box it’s of no use because we are not allotted with an headsets here as we get with the one that are included in the GALAXY SIII. Samsung Galaxy S Dous box includes with the lithium ion battery with an capability of 1500 mAh and  just as huge as used for the galaxy SIII.

Samsung Galaxy S Dous is well known for its super amoled+ screen display as set for the Samsung’s best selling devices. Here the 4-inch screen display does its job of smooth touch sensation. Samsung Galaxy S Dous is not featured with the auto-brightness controller. To cover this lack of features Samsung have implemented the quick brightness increase and decrease in their vertical slider menu. That makes it faster than going via settings.


Samsung Galaxy S Dous’s screen is not only one that indicates that this is not a high valued device. Samsung Galaxy S Dous processor contains an exynos 4 quad system on a chip power, which runs with a clock speed of 1GHz. Samsung Galaxy S Dous comes with 512 MB of working Ram memory and 1.78 GB of internal energy. Taking care of graphic’s is done by the Adreno 200 GPU processor.

Samsung Galaxy S Dous is really solid invention by the smartphones giants. a really well built smartphone with the dual SIM technology, as comparing to the dual SIM smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S Dous is now leading for the dual SIM smartphones sector with the high performing hardware. A real extra feature had made greatly improved it overall rating.

However, all this high end hardware processor cannot be excepted in a budget of 16k-17k price street. Samsung Galaxy S Dous is for the users who need more one SIM card in their daily life and don’t require an performance in smartphone.

The Galaxy S DUOS is aimed at users who need more than one SIM card in everyday life and do not have the highest requirements on performance in a smartphone.

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